A clause appears in Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract that forces him to work twice as much

The contracts between soccer players and the different teams in the world are usually protected by multiple clauses that protect both the interests of the player and those of the team that has decided to have their services.

There are consigned conditions on future transfers, commissions, economic commitments, advertising and an endless number of situations that involve athletes, clubs, sponsoring brands and another series of protagonists.

In this regard, from the English press, more specifically The Tha Sun newspaper revealed one of the clauses contained in the contract that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo signed this year with his new team, Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo laments substitution at Al-Nassr during the match on March 14. – Photo: Screenshot SSC channel

For fans of the former Real Madrid, it seems normal to see a celebrity of these carats in the most important events on the planet, such as concerts, awards or other renowned sporting events such as the Superbowl or the Formula One awards.

Precisely, this is one of the appointments that you must attend, on a mandatory basis, the scorer of Al Nassr, as his contract stipulates that he will have to be present at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which will take place between this Friday and Sunday.

In this order of ideas, the footballer must fulfill his sporting obligation by jumping onto the field this Saturday to face Abha, and then take his plane to be present in Jeddahe, a city on the shores of the Red Sea where another of the most important sporting events of the year for that country will take place.

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It is no secret to anyone that football in Arabia seeks with Ronaldo, not only to enjoy his talent and his goals, but also to exploit his image and high popularity, in order to promote the local league and the country, in order to promote his candidacy as host. of the 2030 soccer world cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo staged a new tantrum when they yelled at him: “Messi, Messi”

In a span of 42 days, Cristiano Ronaldo has received two hard blows from a rival that has embittered him. The executioner of the Portuguese is Ittihad FC, who took the Saudi Arabian Super Cup from him and this Thursday, March 9, the leadership of the local league by beating his Al-Nassr by the slightest difference.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his luxury Rolex.  Photo: Instagram @alnassr_fc
Cristiano Ronaldo will have to comply with certain publicity commitments that are consigned in his contract, according to the English press. Photo: Instagram @alnassr_fc – Photo: Photo: Instagram @alnassr_fc

A goal from Romarinho in the 80th minute made them surpass the CR7 team by one unit at the top of the championship who were relegated to the second box with 46 points.

For the Portuguese attacker’s team, the game in which they gave up points was vital in their aspirations to continue as leaders of the local tournament and that is why, at the end of the game, the top figure of the squad was seen out of control, with visible signs of annoyance that not even his teammates were able to diminish. Besides, Everything ended up getting worse when, on the way to the locker room, the fans who were still in the stadium yelled at him repeatedly: “Messi, Messi, Messi.”

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What was salvageable from his new tantrum was the attitude he had with the fans of his team, who took over one of the stands of the stadium where they were visitors. Cristiano Ronaldo, respectful for them, went to the stands where they were staying and raised his hands to thank them for accompanying them, however, seconds later the anger surpassed his manners as he went against some bottles that were on the floor, The same ones that he kicked with strength and thus left an unkind scene for the fans that follow him.

Soccer Football - Saudi Pro League - Al Nassr v Al Ettifaq - Mrsool Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - January 22, 2023 Al Nassr's Cristiano Ronaldo in action REUTERS/Ahmed Yosri
Currently, Ronaldo is the highest paid player in the world. REUTERS/Ahmed Yosri – Photo: REUTERS/Ahmed Yosri

Later, a few minutes after channeling all his frustration and bringing calm back to his body, he wrote some heartfelt words to the fans of the Saudi team.

in them, He showed his sadness, but at the same time implied that he had turned the page and expected the massive support of the fans to seek the championship on the remaining dates: “Disappointed with the result, but we remain focused on our season and the games to come.” in front of. Thank you Al Nassr fans for your support, we know we can count on you!”

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