a lament escaped him when Atlético Mineiro scored a goal

Millonarios played a more than outstanding match with Atlético Mineiro at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium. True to his style since he was under the leadership of Alberto Gamero, he came out to attack and measure himself on an equal footing with the Brazilian team, despite the payroll difference. In the end, they obtained a draw with which they left the key open to play in Belo Horizonte in a week in search of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

The one who scored the goal for the capital team in the one-goal draw with Atlético Mineiro was Macalister Silva, that in demanding matches has always shown hierarchy.

On this occasion, without being the tallest player on the field, he sent the ball to the back of the net with a forceful header after a cross into the box by Daniel Cataño, in the 42nd minute of commitment.

Although Millonarios was close to seeing his gantry fall at least a couple of times in the first half of the game, it was in the second half that he saw Atlético Mineiro tie. The goal came in the 66th minute, when the Colombian club seemed to have everything under control.

David Silva scored his first goal in Copa Libertadores 2023 – Photo: AFP

Paulinho scored the goal for Atlético Mineiro by chipping the ball from Álvaro Montero after going one-on-one with him after a masterful pass from Jemerson, who took the lead from the defensive line of the Ambassador. In El Campín everything was silent for an instant.

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It was just a couple of seconds before Atlético Mineiro’s goal that the sports commentator, Antonio Casale, made a comment for which he was criticized on Twitter.

Millionaires vs. Atl.  Mineiro - Libertadores Cup
Millionaires vs. Atl. Mineiro – Libertadores Cup – Photo: AFP

After Jemerson’s pass to Paulinho, in the live broadcast of ESPN Casale was heard saying: “Ouch”, not only predicting the rival’s goal, but lamenting the draw of the Brazilian club.

It is worth remembering that the sports journalist is a self-confessed fan of Millionaires, although some football fans regret that for this reason he is sometimes not impartial during matches.

“Casale’s disastrous lamenting before Mineiro’s goal”was the comment of a tweeter who posted the video with Casale’s lament.

“I don’t know why they put fan commentators, who generally think with their hearts and not with their batons, what’s more, even that narrator seems boring to me and as if consoling Casale. Today there is no impartiality in the majority of “journalists”, what a sadness brother”, someone else commented.

Gamero, excited with the classification

Although Millonarios would have preferred the victory by the slightest difference compared to the tie, especially due to its local status, the team’s technical director, Alberto Gamero, believes that it is possible to achieve the feat of advancing to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores in Belo Horizontenext March 15.

“This faucet remains open. They without strong there too. We have a great chance, as they do, we want to go there to play a good game”, he explained.

Gamero considers that they deserved at least a draw against Pereira
Gamero has confidence in Millonarios ahead of the game in Belo Horizonte against Atlético Mineiro. – Photo: Dimayor
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Regarding Millonarios’ mistakes in El Campín, Gamero explained that it was due to the disorder of the team when it went on the attack, since it was poorly positioned in defense and was exposed to a counterattack, for example.

“At times they took the ball and beat us. We had 11 shots, two of them on target. I always tell them to put it back and forth. We have to correct that we missed many passes in the offensive third, ”he said.

Regarding the offensive intention, the DT said: “An open match, an intense match, in that Colombian soccer has been progressing. We always search, we always wanted, we never let him downIt’s the intensity we wanted to have.”

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