A lizard-shaped robot intends to explore the surface of Mars

Constant technological advances continue to allow humanity to create different mechanisms, whose purpose is to explore land that is difficult for them to access.

Among the most complicated terrains are the space ones. One of them are those of the planet Mars, due to its difficult condition. However, in recent years different missions have been launched with rovers robots, which contain a wheeled design, however, they cannot traverse the rocky surface.

That’s why scientists Guangming Chen, Long Qiao, Zhenwen Zhou, Lutz Richter and Aihong Ji from China’s Nanjing Aeronautical University created a robot with lizard-like features.

Lizard-shaped robot. – Photo: MDPI

This new robot imitates the movements of the popular animal, that is, it has a flexible spinewhich allows a stable balance when walking with its four legs.

The development of this new robot also features active ankles, round pads and four flexible fingers, that aim to grab onto the ground and rocks.

The aforementioned scientists explained to MDPI’s Biomimetics magazine that with the creation of this robot “mobility in granular soils and rocky surfaces is experimentally demonstrated, which may imply that this biomimetic robot is suitable for the terrain on the surface of Mars.” ”.

For now certain adjustments must be made for you to start your exploration on the neighboring planet. Among the most mentioned is the creation of a protective layer for the climates of Mars.

This new invention adds to the one made by the scientists at Tel Aviv University, since they created a robot capable of having the sense of smell, which could replace the animals that detect explosives or drugs.

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According to Ben Maoz, a member of the engineering faculty, this new robot could preserve human life and identify the respective criminals more effectively and quickly.

Its operation is made up of a ‘Biohybrid’ platform, which uses biological sensors connected to electronic systems. For the classification of odors, artificial intelligence was used, being able to identify odors at the same level as humans.

Robot able to smell.
Robot able to smell. – Photo: Twitter @ArkelMR

NASA achieves the photo of the face of a bear on the surface of Mars

While the exploration of Mars by the different probes sent by NASA to the red planet continues, different images continue to be known that account for its geography, its appearance and the different and extreme climates that are experienced there.

The latest installment is, in addition to being amazing, quite curious, since the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sent a capture in which a strange formation is seen which for many turned out to be quite a cute and familiar shape.

The HiRise camera took this snapshot 251 kilometers above the surface of the neighboring planet and it looks something very similar to a bear’s head. The University of Arizona was in charge of analyzing the photograph and explaining what elements made up this curious figure.

As detailed, two small craters act as eyes, while, according to the Hypertext portal, “the snout and jaws would be formed by a collapsed V-shaped structure.” The outline of the figure also explains that it is formed by sediments or they clarify that it could be a volcanic or mud chimney.

Illustration of Mars, the red planet of our solar system.
Illustration of Mars, the red planet of our solar system. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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This discovery brought to mind an event from 1976, when the Viking 1 spacecraft recorded what appeared to be a human face, a fact that had to wait until 2001 to be ruled out by the Mars Global Survey probe, which confirmed that it was a rocky shape that Due to the low resolution of the previous camera, it gave that appearance.

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