All the notes and analysis of Resident Evil 4: a new Capcom triumph?

The embargo on the texts and analyzes of resident evil 4one of the most anticipated games of these first bars of 2023. After the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, Capcom shows that he is still in great shape with one of the most divisive deliveries in his history. Nobody ever questioned its quality, but there were very radical fans who affirm that it was the beginning of the darkest period of the saga, with a fifth and sixth installment more tending towards action than the classic survival horror of its original trilogy and Code Veronica.

But today we have to celebrate, because this remake has turned out fantastically well. In fact, looks a fabulous 94 on Metacritic at the moment, with which it is located right now in one of the best valued games so far this year.

For now, in this house it has taken an outstanding. “It is a tribute and an update of one of the great classics of third-person action, capable of improving almost everything it touches and lovingly reconstructing what needed a facelift,” says our colleague Salva Fernández in his analysis. “The tension and burden of not knowing if you can handle everyone is still present with waves and hordes of fearsome enemies. With a start that maintains the very high level of the original game, a masterfully redesigned Castle and a solvent RE Engine, it is an almost unbeatable way of recovering and updating a classic from our medium”.

resident evil 4 remake complete guide pc ps4 ps5 xbox series


resident evil 4 remake complete guide pc ps4 ps5 xbox series

The most important notes and analysis

Here we leave you with the notes that Resident Evil 4 has achieved in the main media around the world:

  • Deserted – 100
  • VG 24/7 – 100
  • Gaming Bolt – 100
  • The Gamer – 100
  • PS Lifestyle – 100
  • IGN-100
  • Push Square – 100
  • shacknews – 100
  • The Sixth Axis – 100
  • VGC-100
  • Attack of the Fanboy – 100
  • Gamespot – 100
  • Gaming Trend – 100
  • God is a Geek – 100
  • Atomix-95
  • Game Informer – 95
  • COG connected – 95
  • Hobby Consoles – 92
  • The Games Machine – 91
  • GameRant – 90
  • – 90
  • Twinfinite – 90
  • Games Radar – 90
  • Metro Game Central – 90
  • wccftech – 85
  • Destructoid-75
  • Dual Shockers – 70
  • Silicone – 70
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