Amazon prepares its own web browser

There is an interesting aspect about Amazon (which can also be extrapolated to other online commerce services, but I focus on Amazon because it is the largest and the reference in its sector), and that is that a basic tool for your service is beyond your control. I am referring, of course, to the web browser, which in the case of mobile devices can be replaced (albeit with limitations) by your own apps, but which in the PC world is the gateway to your store.

This may seem like a minor issue, but if we stop to think about it, Amazon is letting out a good part of the information that a web browser can generate in terms of habits and interests, and its more than possible transfer to potential purchases. Obviously the browser market is very complicated, but it is noteworthy that, except with Amazon SilkTargeted exclusively at its own devices and very, very limited, the e-commerce giant hasn’t even tried.

However, as we can read on Gizmodoperhaps this is about to change, since Amazon could be developing a new web browser based on artificial intelligence, according to a survey sent to some users. The company wants to know what customers value about current browsers and what they would like to see them do better. The survey asks for different features that might convince users to download and try a «Amazon’s new desktop/laptop browser«. These include privacy, cross-device password syncing, and shopping features.

Amazon prepares its own web browser

Amazon has neither confirmed nor denied the project, but The idea has important implications for the company’s advertising business.. Amazon is one of the largest players in the online advertising market, thanks to the data it holds on consumer buying habits. If you could combine that information with the data collection that comes from a web browser, you could tip the scales of internet advertising in your favor.

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Amazon’s possible web browser would also arrive at a time when The advertising sector is preparing for a catastrophic change for its interests, as Google moves closer to removing third-party cookies in Chrome, which would make it more difficult for one of the main ways to track consumers to show them personalized advertising. This, without a doubt, could be the main reason why Amazon considers having its own web browser.

However, there is something that can make it very difficult for Amazon if it finally decides to try it, and that is that users are already very aware of the importance of Privacy. Although Amazon asks about this in the survey, common sense suggests that the survey could be compromised if the browser combines store account data with browsing data. Now, we are talking about an absolute giant, so it is possible that it will be able to offer something interesting enough to attract users.

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