Amazon’s brand of smart cameras hacked with ransomware

ALPHVa popular group of cybercriminals, They claim to have hacked RingAmazon’s doorbell, security camera, and alarm division, using a hacker attack ransomware. The hacker team claims to have obtained private data and threatens to release it if the company does not pay a ransom.

as a threat, ALPHV has shared a post on its website in which an image of the Ring logo appears next to the subject line “Ring: Security Systems” and the phrase “there is always an option to allow us to filter your data”. As reported Vice, Amazon employees have asked through internal messages not to share information related to this matter. “Don’t discuss anything about this. The right security teams are engaged”, wrote one of the workers.

It is unknown, however, what data ALPHV was able to obtain through the attack of ransomware to Ring. The information is likely to include security camera footage.bells and alarms, as well as internal company information.

Ring Hack
Screenshot on the website of the group of cybercriminals in which they reveal the hack to Ring.

It is not the first time that Ring has suffered a hack

It is not the first time, moreover, that Ring has suffered a hack of these characteristics. In 2019, in fact, the company was sued for a series of cyberattacks that affected more than 3,000 customers. Hackers even They were able to connect to the surveillance camera in a children’s bedroom and talk through it.. The hack, organized through a Discord server, was made possible by accessing the systems through outdated credentials. Amazon claimed that the problem was the use of weak passwords by users.

Ring, we reiterate, was a startup specializing in smart security devices, such as cameras, doorbells, and alarms. It was bought by Amazon in 2018 for $1 billion.. Now, the brand’s products belong to the company founded by Jeff Bezzos, and are available on the portal with some functions developed by Amazon itself, such as compatibility with Alexa.

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For his part, ALPHV is a group of cybercriminals apparently linked to Russia, and known for hacking through ransomware of a considerable magnitude. Among them, that of a health care network in the United States. The attackers even published photos of cancer patients and medical information on their website as a threat to demand a ransom. ALPHV has also hacked into the systems of the Munster University of Technology (MTU) in Ireland with 6 GB of data including employee information and their payroll.

Update: Ring insures hypertextual there are currently no indications of any ransomware events.

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