AMD still has little presence in gaming laptops, why?

In this article we will talk about the AMD Ryzen 7045HX in passing, which is still a desktop AMD Ryzen 7950X transferred to a portable environment, which shows that the differentiation between laptop and desktop processors is not as necessary as it has been. made me think so far.

The secret of the AMD Ryzen 7045HX and its Boost speed

At first glance, the AMD Ryzen 7045HX for laptops looks like a Ryzen 9 7950X for desktops, both have 2 CCDs with 8 cores with Zen 4 architecture per chip, for a total of 16 and a multithread capacity of 32. What’s more, both have a disjointed configuration of the same type, but the difference is that the desktop chip has a TDP that can go up to 170 W, more than double the 55-75 W that the laptop version reaches.

Clock speeds? The problem is that the manufacturer has not given the base clock speed of its most powerful laptop chip, what they have given are the Boost speeds, which mark a much higher efficiency in that sense in that period. Which makes us wonder. How come Lisa Su doesn’t release this efficient chip for socket AM5? Technically due to the fact that they are cheating solitaire and this is something that both processor manufacturers have been doing for a long time, especially in laptop models.

Ryzen 7045HX Laptops

Is a universal processor range possible?

We have to understand that the Boost or Turbo speed is reached by a CPU for a very short period of time and then returns to the original speed. The trap of any chip manufacturer is that they mark the speed that it can reach, but they do not mark the period in which said acceleration lasts. This allows them to say that a chip with a TDP of 55 W has a speed close to one of 170 W. Facing the gallery they are not lying, but they are ignoring that the period in the laptop chip is shorter to avoid the accumulation of heat. In other words, this mechanism makes it feasible to put desktop chips into gaming laptops and workstations without undue commitment in that regard.

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The Ryzen 7045HX shouldn’t be the only one in its class

If AMD moved its chip from laptop to desktop, then it would have to adapt it to socket AM5 power specifications and this would allow for much higher consumption and longer boost periods. We must start from the fact that it is the thermal conditions of the PC that really decide how long it lasts. As soon as the temperature sensors detect a key temperature is when the entire speed and voltage drop process takes place.

Therefore, applying Occam’s razor, the answer is simple, both processors are the same and this leads us to another question. Why don’t Lisa Su’s release their desktop CPUs in BGA format for laptops as well? Let’s face it, while the integrated graphics card is better than the competition, it’s not good enough. And we say this for gaming laptops, let’s not forget that these are limited by the smaller amount of L3 cache available in the processor.

Come to think of it, all of us would like to see an AMD Ryzen 7700X or even 7800X3D for laptops, it is something that can be done and with it they would have the most powerful processor for workstations and gaming laptops. What’s more, a good part of the limited resources of the Radeon Technology Group would not be spent on an iGPU that has too much power for some and paradoxically too little for others.

AMD Ryzen Laptops

One range to beat them all

So, the best thing for AMD would be to forget once and for all to make a range of chips for laptops differentiated from the desktop one. With the integration of a small GPU in the IOD of the Ryzen 7000 by chiplets, it is forced that in order to have something decent in the form of a gaming laptop, you end up needing to install a dedicated graphics card on the board. The move is easy to understand, NVIDIA has a huge dominance in gaming laptops due to the fact that its chips are married to Intel processors whose graphics capacity is almost zero, which forces its inclusion even for the simplest tasks.

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Lisa Su’s company, on the other hand, offers a high-performance integrated GPU that allows it to be used for simple eSports games and avoids the need for a more powerful dedicated model. This maneuver has been wrong so far, due to the fact that whoever buys a laptop with a Ryzen 4000, 5000, 6000 or 7000 for laptops, other than the 7045HX, most likely does not come with a dedicated graphics card and is seen as a product unfit for its main function.

That is, for AMD it would be much better to have a universal range of processors, with variants for laptops and desktops. Which would mean that they could distribute their benefits much better and especially their APU would not be a shot in the foot. Your current strategy just doesn’t work.

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