An Artificial Intelligence recreates what the end of the world would be like

With the passage of time, technological progress is becoming more noticeable, since different projects, techniques and resources have been known that help to renew humanity.

One of the projects that has had the most boom in recent weeks is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is composed of algorithms that imitate human intelligence with the purpose of carrying out all kinds of activities.

In this sense, a user on TikTok -identified as @dibujante_ia- posted a series of images illustrating what the supposed end of the Earth would look like.

“I asked the AI ​​to represent what the end of the world will be like and these were the results”indicated the illustrator.

End of the world, reference image. – Photo: Getty Images

It is important to mention that, for centuries, different areas of human science have been interested in obtaining information about the end of the world and, despite the fact that there is still no scientific information that helps to establish the date on which humanity will become extinct, Yes, there are several theories and predictions about how the aforementioned end of humanity could occur.

In fact, some of these predictions point to events like the collapse of civilization, the blow of a catastrophic natural phenomenon such as an asteroid impacting the Earth or the depletion of the planet’s natural resources.

In the first illustration, the planet is seen filled with rivers of lava, which produce an explosion. In the second image, it is possible to detail a cloud full of fire and an explosion that destroyed the ground. In the third photo you can see a city burning on all sides. In all the scenarios you can see a territory without nature and without humans.

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On the other hand, some scientific researchers and academics have begun to expose their reservations about the use of AI and have also issued various warnings about the risks involved in the use of these technologies.

According to recent research carried out by a team from the University of Oxford, artificial intelligence could become a threat to the existence of human beings.

End of the world.
They do not rule out that AI is a problem in the future for humanity. – Photo: Getty Images

ChatGPT creator sets off alarm bells by saying a ‘scary’ artificial intelligence is on the way

Sam Altman, considered the creator of ChatGPT, has recalled that if Google has not yet released its own chatbot with artificial intelligence (Bard) it is because the ‘giant of the internet’ harbors a great fear that everything will go wrong and that this technology will produce catastrophic consequences.

Precisely, this is a fear that Altman shares, although he has defended the fact that the AI ​​technology in ChatGPT had a premature launch.

Through a thread that he recently posted on Twitter, the programmer revealed that it was necessary to launch his chatbot, although he also admitted that the platform “it’s a bit broken”recognizing that its users have detected several problems and failures in the service, especially with the version of that artificial intelligence that is integrated into the new version of the Bing search engine.

Artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence. – Photo: Getty Images

Altman indicated that it was necessary to launch the chatbot so that OpenAI could obtain the necessary information to understand what elements should be improved based on the needs of the users and also recognized that this technology faces a great challenge given the risk that it could be used as a political tool.

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The ‘father’ of ChatGPT fears that AI can be used to leverage political movements and believes that this scenario could generate a complex social crisis, with very harmful effects for society. For this reason, it considers it essential to develop mechanisms so that users do not have the means to use the chatbot for such purposes.

Altman also stated that the adoption of AI tools is happening very quickly, similar to the transition between mobile phones. and smartphones.

For this reason, he warns that society needs more time to be able to adapt and better understand something as big as artificial intelligence.

In addition, he indicated that time is needed for governments and other public entities can create regulations that help protect people from the scope of uncontrolled or dangerous AI.

In this sense, the ‘creator’ of ChatGPT recognized that humanity is not far from facing the presence of a “terrifying” artificial intelligence, whose capabilities can unleash crises among other calamities.

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