Analysis of Planet Cube: Edge

Rise the cube with Planet Cube: Edge!

What an enriching experience it is to see a game based on classic mechanics well implemented in modern times. We have already seen recent examples with Horace, based on 16-bit consoles, and now it is the turn of Planet Cube: Edge, a title that drinks from the best moments of the first Game Boy. If you are a fan of the green monochromes or the challenges with spikes and traps, do not miss the proposal of Sunna Entertainment and Firestoke.

To protect our aquatic laboratory!

Our peaceful life at the bottom of the sea has been disrupted. An alien race has come with evil intentions, destroying everything in its path and extracting all the water from the ocean. Some bad actions that we are not going to consent to, and thanks to the help of our fellow ringleaders, we will do everything possible to reverse the situation. Although it costs us a thousand lives to achieve it, as we will see below.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance. Planet Cube: Edge is a demanding platform game. One of those where you have to make impossible jumps, millimeter calculations and have an iron temper to be able to move on to the next area. Through small delimited screens we will have to follow a path that will be practically linearalthough it has that style that can remind us of a metroidvania.

Prepare to die

We will start completely unarmed, with the only attack being a kick from the air to eliminate the enemies. Yes indeed, Little by little we will receive the typical improvements of this type of proposal. What if a pistol, the lateral dash and other types of aid so that the adventure becomes more complex.

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Yes, Planet Cube: Edge is hard, but it’s also fair. We will die hundreds of times, but we will “resurrect” right on the same screen where we lost life, so trying that impossible jump again is immediate. Things get a little more complicated (if possible) when we want to recover certain square icons that are scattered throughout each stage. These icons will not be enough to touch them, but they will have to be taken to a safe area of ​​the stage, with the risk that this entails. Those who have played Rayman Origins and have collected your coins in the game you will know what I am talking about.

feel their edges

That replayability, trying a jump over and over again and incidentally not getting angry with the game is due to his great control. Despite the fact that Planet Cube: Edge takes us back a whopping 30 years in time, The handling of the square protagonist has been taken care of so that it is fluid and pleasant. It’s a blast to jump around with our protagonist, and the shots are also fair and easy to internalize. There are many times that we have to have feline reflexes to shoot switches, and at no time is there that feeling of impotence with the command.

And although the game abuses the color green at all times (with some sporadic touch of blue, to be honest), it never gets tiresome. You may want to emulate the look of a Game Boy, but this is not a Game Boy game. The title is very detailed with the settings, and although in moments of spikes and dangers part of the “props” In the background, there are very good moments loaded with little details. We will even have animated sequences that offer extra spectacularity. All a graphic delight that is enjoyed from beginning to end.

Planet Cube: Edge Conclusion

Platform game lovers have a pending challenge thanks to the new from Sunna Entertainment and Firestoke. Despite its visual aspect that can give the sensation of an archaic or outdated proposal, we are facing the opposite. Planet Cube: Edge is a very fun title, with a fluidity in its jumps and actions in the protagonist that will be crucial if we want to get out of each room alive. Nothing happens if we die a thousand times, we will always appear on the same screen so that we can continue trying to cross that danger that chokes us. Being a cube is not easy, especially when they are threatening the integrity of our species. Ready to deliver justice?

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Planet Cube: Edge


  • Very nice visual appearance
  • The controls are a delight
  • We will die a lot, but it’s fair with the respawns


  • There is no innovation compared to other titles of the same nature
  • I lack nods to the time it wants to represent

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