Apple would be preparing a ChatGPT competitor, and questions the future of Siri

ChatGPT for Siri could be a reality sooner rather than later. This is indicated by a report New York Times. In it, the aforementioned medium collects that those of Cupertino would have informed their workers about a new linguistic model developed within their offices. Among the Apple teams that are working on the project we have the engineering team, and also those in charge of Siri.

This information would have been shared during the annual AI summit that the company held last month. Thus, they claimed to be testing language generation concepts “every week”. For this reason, some believe that it could be an answer to level out Siri’s few capabilities with ChatGPT and other similar artificial intelligences.

Today, Siri is one of the most limited virtual assistants on the market. Now that we have artificial intelligences like ChatGPT and its revamped GPT-4, or Microsoft’s Bing Chat, Apple will have to wake up if it wants to stay relevant in the technological race. According to statements to The New York Times by John Burkey, a former Apple engineer and former member of the Siri team, the voice assistant is based on “clumsy code that took weeks to update with basic features.”

The report doesn’t shed much more light on the future of Siri.. This is why we still don’t know if Apple is actively trying to improve the virtual assistant, or if we will see an integration with this technology similar to ChatGPT.

Apple could remove Siri as we know it to integrate a model like ChatGPT

Apple would be working on an alternative to ChatGPT, and questions the future of Siri
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Siri’s cumbersome design makes it very difficult to integrate new features into the virtual assistant. In addition, the number of languages ​​that it must handle makes it a kind of “snowball”, describes John Burkey. This difficulty to evolve is what led Siri to be relegated to the last positions in the race with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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For this reason, if Apple wanted to integrate ChatGPT in the form of a virtual assistant to its devices, they would probably have to rebuild Siri from scratch. Of course, this is just a theory, so take it with a grain of salt.

Apple is still on top of the game. However, the appearance of ChatGPT and the big explosion that happened to it has made those from Cupertino reconsider their cards. But are not the only ones. Others like Meta and Amazon they have jumped on board in their efforts to prevent Microsoft from ending up cornering the market of artificial intelligence in the distant future.

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