Appliances that you can leave connected all day without thinking about the electricity bill

The use of household appliances undoubtedly triggered consumption worldwide, this has been translated into the price of bills. For this reason, it is important to know which are the devices that use the most, as well as to identify those that consume energy..

Electricity is one of the basic services that all homes in the world must have. Years ago its main function was to emit light on dark nights, but with the advancement of technology It became an essential thing, since the operation of multiple household appliances depends on it. that are used daily.

Paying for public services is sometimes cheap, the energy bill is no exception. For this reason it is important to know which appliances have the least consumption, in this way they can be used without thinking about the expense.


This is one of the most used tools in homes, the laptop has multiple features that facilitate work, study and entertainment tasks. It should be noted that the desktop computer or PC can consume 50% more than a laptop type.

This is one of the most used tools in homes, the laptop has multiple features that facilitate work, study and entertainment tasks. – Photo: Getty Images

It is important to clarify that to make an effective saving in energy consumption, the battery must be charged at the time requested by the system, since in case of keeping it connected to the outlet all the time, the consumption will be higher.

LED bulbs

Some people prefer to avoid turning on the lights at home to avoid the increase in energy rates, this can be a good saving option, however, sometimes this can have consequences such as vision wear due to the use of electronic devices in the darkness.

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In case of using LED bulbs at home, there is no need to worry about consumption. LED bulbs consume between 4W and 5W per hourwhile traditional light bulbs can consume up to 25W per hour.

Electric power
LED bulbs consume between 4W and 5W per hour. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images


This is one of the most widely used entertainment appliances. In terms of consumption, it is important to clarify that not all televisions have low energy consumption. In short, the older the television, the more consumption it will have.this is how the portal explains it Worten.

“LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, etc., televisions are the ones that consume the least. Its consumption is much lower than a plasma one, for example. Therefore, if you are thinking of a way to save, it may be worth renewing your TV, ”he says.

Smart TVs.
In summary, the older the television, the higher consumption it will have. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

This portal also points out that other small-sized appliances do not generate a high impact on energy consumption, that is, as long as their use is reasonable. In that group is the blender, toaster, hair dryer and shaver.

The three appliances that consume the most energy when turned off

To arrive at this consolidation, the results of a study prepared by the Lawrence Berkely laboratory of the United States Department of Energy were taken into account, which evaluated the average consumption in watts (W) of a variable number of appliances and determined which ones are those that consume the most in their off, standby or stand by.

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These devices that are used in the satellite or cable television service imply different energy consumption. Some offer the possibility of recording programs and, according to the study, it is the function that demands the most energy.


Despite being turned off, if connected to a power source, laptops can consume up to 8.9 W/hour. In hibernation mode, this consumption can rise up to 15.7 W.

Desktop computer

If the computer reaches a certain idle time, it will automatically enter a hibernation period during which it can have a consumption of 21.1 W. In that order of ideas, the fact that it is not being used will not mean that it stops consuming energy.

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