Appliances that you should leave disconnected if you do not want the electricity bill to skyrocket

Currently, most homes have a wide variety of electronic devices such as televisions, audio equipment, computers, ovens, smart speakers, computers, among others.

Despite the fact that they provide a better quality of life to people, these equipment also generates electrical energy consumption that may be unnecessary and therefore a blow to finances when it comes time to pay the energy service bill.

Therefore, it is key that the inhabitants of a home take practical measures to try to achieve savings on the electricity bill.

It is important to keep in mind that various home appliances work under a standby mode, or called “phantom consumption”, a situation that generates continuous energy expenditure. Consequently, it is essential to detect the devices that operate in this way to take appropriate actions.

Nationwide, increases in energy service have been around 20%. – Photo: Courtesy Anonymous Author

Thus, in this situation, electrical equipment must be disconnected when not in use and thus avoid wasting energy unnecessarily; In addition, it would be desirable to keep in mind how much energy each of these devices consumes.

What appliances should be kept unplugged because they use energy unnecessarily?

Appliances on standby

TVs, stereos, or game consoles have a standby mode (or stand by) that generates a waste of energy, even though they are not in use.

For example, televisions generally consume about 186 watts and when turned off they use about 2.88 volts; therefore, by disconnecting the equipment, a reduction in energy expenditure could be achieved.

cell phone chargers

Many people are in the habit of leaving their phone charger plugged into an electrical outlet in order to charge their phone. smartphone more easily by saving yourself the task of finding and plugging the charger into a socket.

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What some ignore is that this habit generates an unnecessary energy waste, since the chargers generate a continuous energy consumption when they are connected to an electrical outlet.

Many people are in the habit of leaving their phone charger plugged into a power outlet. – Photo: GettyImagesPlus/iStock/Erstudiostok


Modern desktop computers continue to draw power even though they are turned off, this is because these computers go into a sleep mode that is designed to boot their systems more quickly when the user needs to use the device.

However, such functionality also represents an energy expense that in the long term can have an impact on the energy bill. Therefore, if the desktop PC is not used frequently, it is suggested to disconnect it from the power outlet in order to eliminate the energy expense generated by the device.


This appliance is one of the devices that requires the most care when you want to reduce its energy consumption, since an oven consumes about 1,433 watts. There are cases where a careless user can leave it with the door open and this situation results in an unnecessary energy waste of about 25.79 watts.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to unplug the microwave oven when not in use so that dangerous power leakage can be cut off with certainty.

Devices that help save energy to pay less on the electricity bill

Wi-Fi Smart Bulbs

This type of bulbs offers the possibility of dimming the light depending on the user’s needs. Therefore, it is possible to graduate their energy consumption and thus generate savings.

Electric power
There are light bulbs that use less energy to work. – Photo: Getty Images
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smart plugs

This type of plugs allows the user to program the moment in which they must allow the flow of energy to the electrical appliances that are connected, this helps to reduce the consumption of certain equipment and without having to disconnect them from the outlet.

Solar Charged Portable Generator

These generators are popular with fans of camping. By using panels, It takes advantage of sunlight to store energy and allow, for example, the charging of mobile devices and some household appliances.

Of course, the advantages offered by these generators can be directed towards the home, using them for simple tasks such as charging the mobile device, the laptop or resorting to electrometrics whose consumption is not so high and works with the energy stored in the solar-charged generator. .

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