Applications to hide photos, videos and other files on your cell phone

The exchange of information through the different social networks with the possibility of chat or instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, allows you to send videos, photographs or audios, which, in many cases, have no relevance and whose purpose is nothing more than contribute to the conversation at that time.

However, There are people who, through their mobile phones, share sensitive information in any format, so if it is discovered by someone unwanted, it could have difficult consequences for whoever owns it.

In this sense, we talk about personal documents, backup copies, videos that contain a complaint and why not, intimate photos that users often share with someone they trust, so it is necessary for them to have applications that not only protect your cell phone from curious people, but help them make all these files invisible to the eyes of any prying eyes.

That is why in different app stores there are some tools that allow you to hide any type of file and keep it secret. Here we share three of them:


Calculator# is available for iOS and Android devices and is one of the most recognized in the world. Its interface is the same as that of a boring calculator and works as such, allowing access if you type a password that the owner of the device has assigned.

One of the very useful aids is the panic button, which allows you to quickly switch between applications just by shaking your mobile phone.

These apps will help you prevent unwanted people from accessing your photos, videos, contacts or other files. (Photo by Marcus Brandt/picture alliance via Getty Images) – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
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Secret Calculator Vault

Secret Calculator Vault also allows you to hide other applications, contacts, media files or messages. It also pretends to be a boring calculator and once the user logs in they can distribute the files stored in folders or organize them however they want.

Secret Photo Vault

This tool is only available for iPad and iPhone and also uses a calculator to help users hide information. Unlike others, the data is stored inside the cell phone, so it will consume space from the device’s memory. Please note that if you delete this app, you will lose everything you decided to host there.

Check your phone, they may be spying on you

A new threat created by cybercriminals was recently detected, which is being distributed through a malicious application that impersonates a well-known online service.

According to a report by ESET, a brand specialized in cybersecurity, found one apps application that impersonates ‘Shagle’, a video chat service that allows its users to have conversations with strangers.

Dating apps are a very popular resource among singles looking for a partner.
Dating apps are a very popular resource among singles looking for a partner. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Unlike Shagle’s official website, whose service only operates on the web and does not have an official mobile app, the fake platform offers an alleged Android app for download.

Those who fall for the trap end up installing a malicious program that has the ability to spy on its victims. This spyware can record phone calls, collect text messages (SMS), enter the log of calls madecontact book and take data from credit cards or bank accounts.

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When the victim enables all the permissions that the apps false requests, this program manages to access the notifications that come to the phone and collect all the messages that come from applications such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, among other services.

Key points about this cyberthreat

  • The malicious application impersonating Shagle can only be downloaded from a fake website, because there is no apps official platform in Google Play Store.
  • According to ESET, this threat would be developed by the APT group StrongPity, due to similarities in the code used in a malicious program that was previously created by them.
  • this threat It has several spying functions, so it is very dangerous to install it and allow you access to phone features.
Some viruses hide in apps that users download to their phones.
Some viruses hide in apps that users download to their phones. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Cybersecurity experts point out that the malicious application operates silently and therefore infected computers will not show an obvious anomaly in their operation. Thanks to this, the victims will not have any suspicion and use their phone as normal, lor which will facilitate the theft of personal information, intimate photos or videos, along with bank details to loot their accounts.

In fact, it is highly likely that the information collected by the spyware will be used to extort money from the victims who will be required to pay a sum of money (possibly in cryptocurrency) in exchange for not disclosing the stolen data.

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