‘Apps’ to avoid traffic jams in the midst of protests

This Wednesday, February 22, nearly 20,000 taxi drivers have gone on strike in various regions of the country, after failing to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation.

We regret that the representatives of the taxi drivers have withdrawn from a dialogue table. This is not the first meeting to which we have invited this union, we have had permanent conversations with them in almost the entire national territory. #GobiernoDeLaGente”, Minister Guillermo Reyes said at a press conference after the meeting with the taxi drivers ended on Tuesday.

In the early hours of the morning, a group of taxi drivers blocked the southern highway at the height of the Bogotá Transport Terminal, in the same way, in Cali, Villavicencio and Manizales, there are groups of drivers who have met at various points in those cities. .

The day of unemployment represents a mobility problem for thousands of people who need to travel to their places of work and study, however, technology can be a resource that provides help to avoid traffic jams and thus move more efficiently in a city with several blockades.

Applications for traffic jams during the taxi driver stoppage

google maps

This platform in recent years has become much more than a service that guides people so they can get to a place, when they are lost.

The Google application also has a tool that allows the user to know the state of traffic in real time. This option can be very useful for plan a trip in advance or define alternative routes to reach a destination in the shortest possible time.

The trick to convert to Google Maps in a tool that helps detect the routes with the most traffic jams It does not represent a complicated process, since it is only necessary to execute a few simple steps to activate said function.

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These are the actions that must be carried out in the app to obtain information in real time about traffic jams and mobility problems:

  • Open the mobile version of Google Maps
  • Press the icon that allows select display layers on the mapthis function is located on the right side of the screen and is in the form of tiny boxes that are located one on top of the other.
  • Choose the ‘Traffic’ function among the different options that will appear at the bottom of the screen and then close the drop-down menu by pressing the X that is located in the upper right corner.
  • Immediately, the app’s map will adjust to show roads with different colored lines, the green tone will indicate that the traffic flows smoothly and the orange or red tones indicate that there are traffic jams.
Google Maps filters help adjust maps based on the information the user needs. – Photo: Week

Once this feature has been activated, the user only you will need to explore the map to know in real time which are the most congested roadsand thus you will be able to determine the possible routes that you should take to be able to mobilize more easily.

It should be noted that the filters in the maps not only allow knowing the traffic of a city, they also help the user to identify points where to take public transport, routes to get around by bicycle and even air quality in some areas.


This is one of the platforms most used by drivers from various cities in the world, being a great ally for traveling the roads, avoiding traffic jams and other situations that affect mobility. In fact, the great advantage of this service is that all users help to update information on the state of the roads in real time.

Waze, app designed to help drivers move around the city.
Waze, app designed to help drivers move around the city. – Photo: Google Play Store
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Currently, the application has the ‘alternative routes’ tool which offers optional routes to reach a destinationto use this resource you must follow these steps:

  • open the apps on the phone
  • Enter a destination
  • Wait for the route to be displayed on the platform
  • Touch the option ‘Routes on screen’

The platform will show a series of alternative routes along with the time it will take to travel them and based on this information the user will be able to establish which option best suits their needs.

Besides, the application also allows you to prepare a trip in advance, which can be very useful during days of protests in a city. To use this function, you must go to the side navigation panel and select the option planned trips, then you will have to press the red button that allows you to create a planned trip.

Several functions will appear on the screen to define the departure time and the destination you want to reach. Once the trip is configured, Waze will automatically notify the user of the best route.

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