‘apps’ to watch series and movies for free from the TV or cell phone

The festive bridges are a great opportunity for those who want to take a short trip and thus disconnect from all their work or academic duties for a couple of days, however, on some occasions it is not possible to go for a walk.

In this situation, services on-line that allow you to watch series or movies for free become a great entertainment alternative for those who must spend the holiday weekend at home. Despite the fact that Cuevana continues to be a popular option to watch popular films or exclusive series on streaming platforms for free, streaming Like Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+, that website isn’t the only option out there.

In fact, in certain cases, accessing the content offered by said web platform can be somewhat problematic, as well as representing a great danger, since the Users could be exposing their devices to a virus.

As a result of this situation, it is important to have alternatives that provide free access to acclaimed series and successful movies and that do not represent a risk to the user’s phones or SmartTVs.

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Apps to watch series or movies for free from your cell phone and without viruses


This application offers the service of streaming free, which offers various content produced by Televisa and Univision. In addition, the platform is compatible with various devices (Smartphones, Smart TVs and players).

It is key to point out that this service has advertisementswhich will appear randomly during the reproduction of any of the contents offered by its catalog.

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In fact, this platform can be of great interest to people who want to watch some old Mexican soap operas like ‘La Usurpadora’, ‘Rebelde’, ‘El Juego de la vida’, among others.

RBD all characters
Cast of Rebel – Photo: Televisa


This Service streaming Free has an offer of several blockbuster productions, along with movies and TV shows from Sony. Therefore, it has a wide catalog that contains content for children and for more mature audiences.

This also has commercials that appear while content is being played.


YouTube is undoubtedly the video platform on-line most popular in the world, and currently the service It has several films, series, documentaries, musical recitals, which can be viewed at no cost..

YouTube also has a subscription option like YouTube Premium, with which the user will stop seeing ads on the platform and will also access exclusive content.

YouTube decided to restrict forms of bullying on its platform – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

pluto tv

This service offers a wide range of content, in fact, It has dedicated channels for certain series or TV shows. Users will be able to watch movies or other productions through a live television streaming service.

In addition to its website, the platform has a apps compatible with smart TVs, game consoles, mobile devices, or equipment like Roku or Google TV.

However, it should be noted that This service has advertisements that appear in the middle of the reproduction of the contents.


Despite the fact that the platform has a paid version, the service also offers an option that allows you to view some episodes and movies from the entire catalog it has for free. In fact, the offer of free content changes monthly and this option is often used as a way to attract new subscribers.

HBO logo photo illustration in Tehatta, West Bengal, India on 9 August 2021. With the rapidly increasing demand for OTT content in India, Warner Bros is all set to bring their video-on-demand streaming service, HBO Max, to India.  HBO Max was launched in the US last year in the month of May and has since garnered 40.6 million paid subscribers.  (Photo Illustration by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Reference image. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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This service was created for anime fans and in it they will find a wide range of series and movieson the platform you can watch popular series such as My Hero Academia, tokyo ghoul, Sword Art Online, Assassination Classroom, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, among other.

Like other services, the platform includes the banner ad system and also has a payment option that grants early access to new episodes of certain series.

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