Are Colombians the ones who watch the most adult videos in the world? A study revealed them

Despite the fact that OnlyFans has positioned itself as one of the preferred digital services for those looking for adult entertainment, several sites with explicit content are still very popular on the web.

Proof of this is Pornhub, the controversial adult content website that currently claims to be one of the most visited in the world and, to prove that statement, the portal usually annually reveals a series of statistics on the consumption trends of its users. with the videos offered by said portal.

The latest version of the ‘Year in Review’ report, issued by the web portal for adults, has revealed several curious facts about the interests and habits of the Colombian population regarding the erotic content that the web page offers.

According to the figures offered by the portal, owned by industrialist MindGeek, in 2022 there was a considerable increase in the consumption of adult videos by women. Last year the number of female viewers increased by 36%, representing +4% growth compared to 2021.

In addition, the portal affirmed that Colombian women are part of the group of the female population that consumes the most erotic videos on the portal in the world. According to the ranking presented by Pornhub Colombia, it is located in the following position:

  • Philippines
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Ukraine
PornHub reveals that Colombian women consume the most erotic content on the website. – Photo: pornhub

What position does Colombia have among the countries that consume the most Pornhub content?

Despite the fact that Colombians are in the ranking of users who consume the most adult videos in the world, the country does not occupy a prominent position in the ranking of nations that view the site’s content the most.

According to the list presented in the report, Colombia ranks 17th and the first places are organized as follows:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Japan
  5. Mexico
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What do Colombians watch the most on PornHub?

The report indicates that users in Colombia have a great interest in erotic content from Japanese animation (Hentai), and they also have preferences for videos in the ‘homemade’ or ‘homemade’ category. Similarly, a large number of people choose the ‘big breasted women’ and ‘Latinas’ or ‘big butt’ option.

On the other hand, the document indicates that so far in 2022 there was a notable increase (577%) in the search for content videos featuring redheads or ‘plus size’ women.

Another curious fact that the study published by the portal exposed is that its service is also widely used by users who seek to view content about video games, it also indicated that ‘Fornite’ continues to be the most searched game on the platform.

Ranking of the most searched video games on PornHub
Ranking of the most searched video games on PornHub – Photo: pornhub

PornHub will require a driver’s license to view its videos

The access of minors to websites with erotic or adult content is a concern that has been in force for several years, therefore, several websites have tried to implement different security measures to prevent children from entering portals that they are not suitable for them.

Despite the different efforts that have emerged from sites with adult content and other platforms that operate on the Internet, in the state of Louisiana (USA) a controversial measure has begun to take force to guarantee that only those of legal age can consume erotic content on the web.

The proposal is based on a new age verification system based on Louisiana’s digital wallet system, which includes the digital driver’s license issued in that state. According to a portal report TechCrunch, Pornhub, one of the most popular adult entertainment sites in the world, would have already begun to implement this measure.

Thus, if this measure prospers and becomes a general rule, this measure will eventually netizens who wish to access erotic content will have to use their driver’s license as a means of identification and proof of age.

The digital driver's license functions as an identification mechanism in the United States.
The digital driver’s license functions as an identification mechanism in the United States. – Photo: Youtube screenshot
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What will the access to sites with adult content be like?

It should be noted that Pornhub has not yet issued an official statement in which it offers specific details on how it would apply the new age verification policy. But a series of videos and screenshots have begun to circulate on Twitter where it is stated that the adult web portal is already requesting users to access the service through the identification system associated with the digital wallet from Louisiana.

Therefore, only users who have a state-issued driver’s license will be able to use their digital wallet to access the content offered by this web portal.

PornHub will ask for a driver's license to grant access to users.
PornHub will ask for a driver’s license to grant access to users. – Photo: Screenshot video on Twitter

Although this strategy could become an efficient resource to prevent access by minors to sites with inappropriate content for them, the initiative also opens a debate on the protection of data and privacy of users that they must use a document issued by the authorities to be able to consume certain content online.

It should be noted that Pornhub is a website that has openly revealed that it collects data from its users, which is used as a resource to analyze consumption habits and better understand the audiences that visit the portal. In fact, the brand usually generates an annual report where it exposes information on trends and preferences in erotic content by gender and country.

However, the Louisiana government has stated that private companies cannot obtain additional data on the identity of users who enter their erotic content portals.

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