Artificial intelligence reveals what the zodiac signs would look like if they were villains

During this year, one of the words that resonates the most is artificial intelligence (AI), since advances have made this type of technology take center stage in society. Every day There are different images that with the help of specific programs are generated around a specific themelike the stages of humanity.

Likewise, there are artificial intelligences that have shown what some celebrities would look like with more or less years, so Internet users do not stop replicating them. In that order of ideas, Midjourney artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent in the generation of images with different themes.

This technological alternative has been in force since 2022. Now, among one of the most recent creations, there are snapshots that show how the signs of the zodiac would look like if they were supervillains. As astrology is one of the branches of interest for many, the results were positioned on social networks.

For example, a user of the YouTube video platform, who appears as Machine Visionary, He compiled the horoscope signs, with their respective transformations, and wrote: “Are you ready to meet the supervillains of the zodiac? In this video, we have used artificial intelligence to create a distinctive and imaginative interpretation of each zodiac sign as a supervillain.”

“You will witness each sign come to life in a whole new way, from Aries to Pisces”reads the popular web scenario.

Thus, Midjourney showed Aries as a man with large horns, a dark green look and a dead appearance. Taurus then turned out as a purple-colored minotaur in legendary armor, while Gemini has a human-like appearance that somewhat resembles the villains in the comics.

This is how Taurus looks like a villain in AI – Photo: YouTube: @MachineVisionary
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For his part, Cancer has a large cape and on his chest a mystical heart and, as expected, Leo is a golden lion. As for Virgo, her appearance is that of a woman with a piercing gaze, while Libra has a human form, but is fully covered.

This is how Virgo looks like a villain in AI – Photo: YouTube: @MachineVisionary

Likewise, Midjourney recreated Scorpio in the form of a warrior man with medium-length hair, Sagittarius shares a similar look and is covered in gold. Added to this, Capricorn also took the form of an animal, in this case a wise-looking goat, Aquarius resembles a being that controls time and, finally, Pisces, for obvious reasons, looks like an underwater man.

This is what Pisces looks like with AI
This is what Pisces looks like with AI – Photo: YouTube: @MachineVisionary

It should be noted that artificial intelligence has also generated fearssince robots have been shown that have the ability to perform tasks as if it were an ordinary human being. So much so that there are subjects who have ‘cyberphobia’.

Next, the clip in which you can find the entire compilation of each of the images that were produced by artificial intelligence, about what each zodiac sign would look like:

Impressive: artificial intelligence recreated stages of humanity in ‘selfie’ mode

Weeks ago, an Italian content creator asked a program called Ellen Degeneres to show various images recreating some stages of humanity, with the help of artificial intelligence, such as the Great Depression, World War I, World War II World, French royalty, the Renaissance, Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, among others.

The AI ​​managed to recreate group photos with what would be people from ancient times. Immediately, the results went viral on different social networks, much more so because actions from the present were used, such as taking a selfie or photographic self-portrait.

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Next, the compilation of some of the images and the video that artificial intelligence developed on different stages of humanity:

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) never ceases to amaze on social media. – Photo: TikTok: @everythingartificial

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