Atlético Mineiro vs Millonarios LIVE: The qualifier for the Libertadores groups is defined

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Mineiro is cautious with his rival

Regarding the tie with a goal at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium, in which the team from the Colombian capital played hand in hand, beyond having a lower payroll, the Argentine coach affirmed that the fact of playing at altitude had an influence and that, although they downplayed the matter, perhaps their players will receive an account in the return commitment in Brazil.

“Altitude is an important issue, which we did not give it the importance it really means, we played at 2,700 meters high and we put a lot of physical effort on it”affirmed the strategist of the Brazilian club.

Coudet, remembered for his career as a footballer wearing the River Plate shirt, stated that he played at a high level and, once again, emphasized what last Wednesday’s game could have represented for his team on a physical level. In addition, he praised his rival, although he hopes to beat him in Belo Horizonte.

“Going down is not the same as going up, that is a great truth in the physical part, I say it because I played at altitude, it is not the same for them to go to the plain as to go to 2,700 meters high. We are going to face a great team, hopefully we can give our people a win”he added.

Millionaires vs. Atletico Mineiro – Copa Libertadores. – Photo: AFP


This Wednesday from 7:30 pm (Colombian time), Millonarios is risking his life on Brazilian soil to get the longed-for place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores de América. Against Atlético Mineiro, the ambassadors they will seek to hit hostile territory, something that has not happened more than a decade ago when they beat São Paulo for the Copa Sudamericana.

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Those led by Alberto Gamero, who have been questioned for their lack of hierarchy at decisive moments, will seek to show that they not only play well, as they have been recognized, but that they can achieve results that are impossible for some.

The bad news for Millonarios is the absence of Andrés Llinás, stronghold in the defensive back, due to a sprained knee. On paper, the person who would replace him in that position is Óscar Vanegas, unless Gamero contemplates the possibility of changing the tactical module: perhaps to strengthen the recovery in the modular zone he will take advantage of three containment midfielders: Daniel Giraldo, Juan Carlos Pereira and Larry Vasquez.

Millonarios and Atlético Mineiro tied in the first leg of the third phase of Libertadores.  Photo: AFP.
Millonarios and Atlético Mineiro tied in the first leg of the third phase of Libertadores. Photo: AFP. – Photo: AFP

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