Atomic Heart 2 is already underway, although 4 expansions and DLC for the first game will arrive before that

In an interview for the youtuber channel “Makarenkov”, the Mundfish team has spoken for the first time about its plans for the future and has confirmed that Atomic Heart 2 is a very plausible reality. The developer has jumped into the pool and has openly admitted that is already planning a sequel, but also that in no case will we see it in the short term. Ahead are several months of updates to polish the game’s performance, as well as expansions and DLC. It should be remembered that also there is a season pass (the Atomic Pass, available for 39.99 $ on the PlayStation and Xbox Store) that anticipates the existence of 4 downloadable content available “soon”.

Mundfish hasn’t revealed anything at all about what we can expect from that sequel, but it looks like the so-called Russian BioShock, still not having been the expected GOTY candidate, hasn’t said his last word either. This is how our colleague Roberto Barragán pronounced himself in the analysis of this house, where the game received an 8.2 grade:

“Although it is not perfect, Atomic Heart has enough arguments to be considered one of the first surprises of 2023. Thanks to the premise of the story, the attractive vision of the Soviet Union that puts on the table and the waste As far as art direction is concerned, it manages to captivate from start to finish. At the controls, the title does not shine so much and the set has lights and shadows, well there is a major imbalance between the fantastic work done designing its interior levels and the one achieved with the open world mechanics. In short, this is a video game that has its own personality and that, despite its bittersweet taste, makes us think that there was a basis to build something much more solid. All in all, Atomic Heart brings to the table a very enjoyable experience, with more hits than misses”.

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