AuronPlay returns to Twitch after its controversy and breaks a record of followers

after their controversial and accusations of Nazism and racism in the first months of 2023 based on feedback from Twitter several years ago, AuronPlay has returned to twitch in mid-March this year. And he hasn’t done it anyway; with him he has brought a setup renewed and more professional. Below we show you what his new setup is like and what has motivated him to come back:

AuronPlay, back on Twitch with a new setup and record number of followers after accusations of Nazism

Last Wednesday March 15, 2023, AuronPlay opened direct on his popular Twitch channel. And it was a somewhat special live show, since he showed his new setup with a more orderly, homogeneous and, why not: professional appearance. The main novelty in this regard has been the substitution of furniture and the change of location of Rudolf. In addition to showing his setup, the man from Badalona took advantage of the live show to play Contraband Police.

auronplay returns to twitch new setup march 2023


AuronPlay played Contraband Police in this “comeback stream”

After its cancellation on social networks at the beginning of February 2023 due to comments in bad taste – to say the least finely— from several years ago on Twitter, then returned to broadcast momentarily in the Squid Craft Games —an event that was not without controversy either, although this time for other issues.

With this return to Twitch, AuronPlay makes quite a statement of intent: He does not plan to leave, and the figures support himsince he has achieved a new follower record. Is about the second person with the most followers on twitch15 millionsecond only to Ninja, who has 18 and a half million— but he is, indeed, the English-speaking streamer with the most followers of the platformabove other heavyweights such as Ibai, TheGrefg, Rubius or IlloJuan.

It is also necessary to highlight his comments regarding what he thinks of the big events. Apparently, AuronPlay will prefer to focus on its community and forget about these massive events in the near future.

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