“Avatar” Creator James Cameron Reveals the Biggest Challenge of His Career

“Having an idea and pursuing it until it becomes real is the true challenge of having a brilliant mind,” said Canadian filmmaker and explorer James Cameron on Thursday at an event in the Mexican city of Puebla, central Mexico. .

During his speech at the Festival of Ideas that takes place in that city, Cameron, also a producer and screenwriter, He shared a talk with the attendees about his creation base.

In addition, he told the audience that they have to follow their hearts and the things that they are passionate about, build, stay curious, telling their own story and not that of others, which will achieve “make your ideas become the reality of the all”.

emphasized what “you have to take giant leaps” however he said that “Avoiding failure has to be practiced as many times as necessary”because with this you gain experience and the perfection of each idea, to be able to impact others.

“Hope is not a strategy, luck is not a factor and fear is not an option, so they should always think about being that nail that they are always hammering, because they do not believe in your ideas or they simply believe that those ideas do not They are viable.”

He mentioned that each one is the guide of his ideas, “but you always have to listen to the small ideas that come from the environment, from the people in the work team, because they magnify the main idea”, and you should avoid the moment that the idea deviates, that changes, because then, “it is no longer viable”.

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Cameron, 68, said that the film Titanic, one of the three highest grossing films of all time, “It was a project never thought of”because he wanted to bring a real world to the screen, for this reason he put the “love of history” first.

As a second point, he recalled that the film contained what he loved most in life, which is exploration and the depth of the oceans, and said that the most difficult thing was to explore the Titanic in a submarine to later make a film, which was “crazy”. , because it was created in a pond 20 meters deep.

In fact, the studio built a set on the Mexican beach of Rosarito, Baja California, where a pond was built to stage the moment the famous ship sank in 1912.

“I wrote the tragic story, in a setting of a love story coupled with the technology that would bring to life one of the most watched movies in cinematic history; It was one of the most difficult projects, we went over budget, we were mocked by Hollywood and that pushed us to be the best, ”she closed.

“Titanic” won 11 Oscars out of the 14 for which it was nominated in 1998, including Best Picture.to.

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