Bad habits that end up causing permanent damage to the TV screen when cleaning it

Televisions represent an essential piece of equipment that is part of every home and thanks to their intelligent functions, many of these devices have become a key tool for carrying out a person’s daily routines. In addition to being a device that offers access to entertainment spaces, it is also a means that can help to be connected to the world.

Despite the fact that it is a piece of equipment of great importance to its users, several of them are very careless and reckless with its maintenance and this situation can cause costly failures or irreparable damage.

It is important to remember that, like any other electronic device, televisions need regular care and attention to maintain optimum performance and thus prolong its useful life.

In that order of ideas, it is essential to carry out adequate cleaning on the television, with the purpose of extending the duration, as well as to avoid any detrimental damage to the TV.

For that reason, WEEK consulted with experts to find out what are the bad habits that people have when cleaning their television screen and what types of damage these habits can cause.

Mistakes that are made when cleaning a TV and that can damage it

Clean your computer with the screen on

Some people find it appropriate to clean their TV screen while the device is on, but this practice can cause great damage to the panel and this will create a serious affectation in the quality of the image.

In addition, it is a damage that could be considerably expensive to repair.

Cleaning with chemicals

Using liquids with strong chemicals to remove dirt from the screen may be a very common habit, but it is a serious mistake. These products can leave stains that will later be impossible to remove.

The use of chemicals can damage the TV screen. – Photo: Getty Images
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Use napkins, kitchen paper or newspaper

Some users think that the screen of their television is similar to the glass that the windows of their home have and for this reason they think that it is appropriate to carry out the cleaning using said materials. However, it produces a high risk of generating scratches on the panel.

In fact, some people apply a lot of pressure when cleaning their TV with a napkin or newspaper and for this reason, scratches or spots appear that considerably affect the image of the television.

Just clean the front of the TV

Generally, televisions are located on a base on the wall, this situation makes it easier to clean the equipment screen, but the excessive dust that usually accumulates on the back of the device and ends up coming into contact with it is ignored. the internal components of the TV when it is not removed regularly.

How to clean dust and grease from your TV without damaging the screen

According to Catherin Ospina, TV Product Marketing Manager at LG Electronics, the screen should be cleaned using a dry microfiber cloth, in order to remove dirt without scratching or staining the panel.

In the event that there are dirt residues that are difficult to remove, the payment can be moistened with a little water and then passed over the area to be cleaned, but without making circles. The ideal is to carry out movements in only one direction, in this way the appearance of new stains will be avoided when the screen dries.

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Similarly, it is worth reiterating that it is key not to apply pressure when wiping the cloth across the screen.

Smart TVs.
Smart TVs. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What mistakes should not be made when installing a new television?

In most homes, people usually place televisions on the wall, as this action helps save more space. However, it is advisable to carefully analyze the area where the equipment will be installed.

For example, it is not recommended to install the television at a high point, it is advisable that the center of the television screen is at the level of the eyes of its users. Thanks to this, people do not suffer damage to their backs from having to adopt an uncomfortable position to be able to see the equipment.

In addition, it is suggested to install the equipment in a space where sunlight does not hit the TV screen head-on, since this may affect the image display.

On the other hand, Catherin Ospina advised not to locate the device in areas where a lot of heat is generated, since the ideal temperature range for the operation of the TV is from 0 to 40 degrees. Therefore, it should be located at a good distance from lamps and other sources of heat.

Smart TVs.
Smart TVs. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Finally, it is ideal for people to place their television a suitable distance in order to obtain the correct viewing angle.

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