Bill Gates forbade his children to use a device that everyone has in order for them to be successful in the future. What was it?

Bill Gates is one of the most important figures in the technology industry for being the co-founder of Microsoft and for his subsequent contributions in the development of new technologies, in addition to promoting initiatives that help stop global warming.

In factduring the covid-19 pandemic, Gates gained greater recognition by being a relevant voice during the different discussions about the origin of the virus, its effects in various areas of the world and the possible options that could be taken to develop a vaccine.

Similarly, the Microsoft co-founder captured the attention of the scientific community and other sectors thanks to his predictions about the consequences of wrongly distributing the covid vaccine. next to the terrible crisis that humanity could face in the coming years if drastic measures are not taken to contain global warming.

Bill Gates has become an important figure in the fight against climate change. – Photo: Getty Images for TIME

Despite the fact that Bill Gates has always shown himself as a man who is involved in a large number of projects, businesses and other activities, Gates has also tried to pay attention to the upbringing of his children, especially their education and other habits that they have.

Despite the fact that the magnate’s children had all the resources to be able to have what they wanted, the businessman and philanthropist made a decision that for many would be contradictory.

What was the technological device that Bill Gates’ children were forbidden to use?

During their childhood and part of their adolescence, the three Gates children had strict demands regarding their academic duties and other activities that contributed to their education. According to their performance, the children had the opportunity to watch television, play video games or use a computer, equipment that was normally used by other young people.

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However, Bill Gates’ children were strictly prohibited from using a device despite the fact that they achieved excellent gradesor that they had an exemplary behavior at school.

Gates did not allow his children to use a cell phone, according to a report from The chronicler, The businessman refused to allow the children to use a cell phone until they were 14 years old.

In fact, when they reached the legal age to have a telephonethe magnate continued to impose a series of rules for the use of the device. Young people were prohibited from using the equipment when they were at the table, it was prohibited at the table, during dinner time.

cyberbullying / cyberbullying / bullying - reference
Children must be accompanied by their parents when using a smartphone. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Curiously, the Microsoft co-founder prevented his children from having access to a device that his company sold for several years.

It is impossible to say whether Gates’ decision to deny access to cell phones was one of the factors that boosted his children’s potential, however it must be emphasized that each of the businessman’s sons today has a prominent place in the profession they decided to have.

Who are the children of Bill Gates?

Jennifer Gates

The businessman’s eldest daughter graduated as Human Biology from Stanford University, but studied at the Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

Parallel, Jennifer has developed a great interest in horses and therefore seeks to participate in international horse riding competitions.In addition, it has an equestrian team, the ‘Paris Panthers’, and has a ranch called Evergate Stables.

Jennifer Gates is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates.
Jennifer Gates is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates. – Photo: Official Instagram of Jennifer Gates / @jenniferkgates
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rory john

Gates’ second son decided to study Computer Science and Economics at Duke University, later expanding his knowledge at the Fuqua School of Business. Rory already has a double degree and a master’s degree, degrees he obtained in just four years.

In addition, he wrote a book entitled ‘What do we know by diamond’.

Phoebe Adele

LThe tycoon’s youngest daughter decided to become a ballet dancerfor this reason he trained at the American Ballet Theater School, The Juilliard School and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Phoebe Adele
Phoebe Adele is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates. – Photo: Official Instagram of Bill Gates / @thisisbillgates

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