Bill Gates made terrifying prediction about the next pandemic in the world

Bill Gates is known worldwide for being the founder of Microsoft. However, he has become one of the most renowned people in terms of his predictions regarding the future of humanity.

The tycoon was also involved in the different debates of the Covid-19 pandemic, to the point of financing various institutions that promoted the development of vaccines.

His predictions have not always been well received. For example, several doctors criticized his position on how to handle the pandemic. The doctors warned about the political influence and the free passage that occurs in the different debates for its prevention.

Bill Gates and his predictions has also given his economic predictions. – Photo: Getty Images

Now, Bill Gates touched on the subject again and explained the reasons why a new pandemic can occur, this time, according to him, planned.

In an interview with the BBCthe tycoon indicated that the next challenge that humans will face is bioterrorism. According to Gates, this term refers to “the intentional release of biological agents or toxins in order to harm or kill humans, animals or plants with the intent to intimidate or coerce a government or a civilian population to further objectives political or social.

the philanthropist ensures that humanity must be ready to stop disasters such as “smallpox terrorist attacks.” Gates also wondered: “What if a bioterrorist brings smallpox to 10 or more airports?”

In addition, he specified that “there are epidemics caused naturally, and others caused by bioterrorism that could even be worse than those we experience today.”

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is considered one of the brightest minds in the world. – Photo: Getty Images via AFP
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It is worth mentioning that the businessman published a book in 2022 entitled ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’, where he confirms that pandemics are the greatest threat to humans, reason for which he asked countries to invest in research to avoid possible disasters.

The exercise that Bill Gates does to strengthen memory

On the other hand, the American tycoon revealed how does he manage to maintain such a brilliant mind, where his memory is essential.

Through his blog, Gates Notes, the co-founder of Microsoft indicated that visualization exercises are key to expand your memory and retain more information in it.

The visualization exercises referred to by Bill Gates involve remembering or recreating images with the greatest clarity and intensity possible. In fact, not just images, as people can also imagine smells, sounds, and tactile perceptions.

“Sometimes people tell me I have a ‘photographic memory,’ especially when I’m talking about topics that interest me, like science and business. That’s a nice compliment, but it’s not really true. Not even close,” Gates said on his blog, Gates Notes.

According to the American, his memory is neither photographic nor eidetic (two incredibly rare forms of memory).

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. – Photo: Getty Images

He even said that he still he could remember the first line of the software he wrote years ago; and that is what a strong brain should be able to achieve, as well as the ability to understand that the mind gives priority to certain things.

Gates was struck by the book ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’ (Los desafíos de la memoria, in its Spanish edition), in which he delves into the idea of ​​memory itself, how the human mind works, how it can be improved to do, create and more.

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“People who win memory contests use certain techniques to visualize things, developed mainly in ancient Greece. They build a kind of memory palace that literally consists of visualizing a house with many rooms, where there are different people and things, and that represent what you want to remember,” Gates explained.

In addition, a complement to the visualization exercises is the association exercise, which consists of taking a name or data and linking it to an image or an element that can be easily remembered.

For the Microsoft co-founder, this works best when practiced regularly, rather than just once.

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