Bloober Team does not rule out continuing to work on Silent Hill in the future

the poles of Bloomer Team They are fulfilling a dream while working on the development of the remake of Silent Hill 2, one of the most anticipated of the last decade. As good horror fans, it is undoubtedly a reference game for them, the complete saga is, in fact, so much so that if Konami offered to continue working with it, they obviously would not say “never”.

This has been recognized by Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team, in an interview, in which he pointed out that Konami has shown interest in continuing to work with them in the future of the license. In the event that this wish came to fruition, Babieno assures that he “would never say”, showing the study’s predisposition to continue with such a legendary saga.

Silent Hill 2 Remake


Ask for trust for Konami

Babieno also wanted to emphasize some criticism of Konami’s recent past, which focused too much on pachinkos based on its most popular licenses, leaving video games aside. “The team that is working on the franchise right now knows what they are doing. These people who are in charge of Konami Gaming right now, although I can’t give you details, I think they understand how video games work“, says.

“They come from companies that have worked on big projects, and I am sure that they will make big decisions choosing partners, choosing projects…”, explains Babieno. “I understand that people can be angry with Konami for what happened in the past, but I would also tell them to give it time, because they know what they are doing.”

This does not prevent many veteran Silent Hill fans from showing some suspicions in some statements by the Polish team in which they have assured that they will give “more importance to the action”. “We do not want to narrate through the setting and the scenario, but through the action. That way we would be more attractive to the masses,” they said, to the surprise of the longest-serving players.

Source: IGN

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