Blue double check disabled? So you can know if your message was read on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is characterized by having several tools and constantly adding them in the different updates; For example, the instant messaging application is working on the possibility of editing messages.

Also, a report from WABetaInfoa portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, has revealed the arrival of a new function called “Boost status”, tool that would operate in a similar way to the operation of the ‘stories’ (stories) of Instagram that have an advertisement.

In this sense, users would have a resource to promote the dissemination of states, which were created for commercial or advertising purposes.

WhatsApp would have a paid service for its users. – Photo: Composition of WEEK

Now in the apps Developed by Meta, users have the possibility to hide the ‘Online’ and the ‘Double blue check’, which is the one that indicates if a message has been read or not. To achieve this, you have to go to the ‘Settings’, then enter the ‘Chats’ section and then deactivate the ‘Read confirmations’ button.

By performing this process, the added contacts will not be able to know if the message was read. However, there is a trick for Android operating systems to know if it was checked or not and the exact time it was checked.

How to know if your message was read on WhatsApp?


  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Press the three dots located in the upper corner.
  • Create a group with the person who decided to deactivate the ‘Double blue check’.
  • Define the name of the group.
  • Then, write and send the respective message.
  • Wait a prudent time and press the message.
  • Access its ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Info’.
  • If it says “Read by”, it means that the message has been reviewed.
WhatsApp only has a verification system that requires the introduction of a PIN code.
WhatsApp only has a verification system that requires the introduction of a PIN code. Photo: Getty Images – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
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Another way to notice is that the message appears with the ‘Double blue check’, because in group chats all the users who are part of it and read the message will automatically turn blue.

How to change and customize the ringtone in the application?

Many people have a basic sound when a call comes in on their cell phone. This often happens by choice, but there are also many cases where people do not know how to add a tone to their smartphone, so they end up choosing one of the shades that the device has. But there is a way to solve this, so that each person can play their favorite song or sound when a call comes in.

The first thing to know is that there is a very simple trick that can only be used by people who have a cell phone with the Android operating system. And that, in just a few steps, You will be able to change the call sound and set any song in the world as the tone.

Video calls is one of the most popular WhatsApp options.
Video calls is one of the most popular WhatsApp options. – Photo: Composition of WEEK

And it is that through WhatsApp this is also possible. The application, in addition to serving as a social network and messaging platform that allows you to have written conversations with friends, acquaintances, and family, also allows you to make and receive calls without having to have a balance on your cell phone. The only thing essential to take advantage of this function is to have Internet on the device.

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The first thing to make it possible to change the tone on the cell phone is to choose the sound or song that you want to put as new ringtone call. For this it is essential that the sound is in MP3 format, so you can use tools such as YouTube video converters, Google, to extract the sound of some videos, such as songs, and download them in MP3 format to save them on the phone.

Then you will have to enter WhatsApp and click on the icon of the three points that is located in the upper right part of the application. Then you must select “settings”, then “notifications”. After being there, you will have to go down to the option that says “Calls” and choose the “Winch” option.

At that time, the default tones offered by the application to select in each call will appear.

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