Buy an NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti and receive a guitar neck

In periods of economic crisis, large companies tend to flee upwards in prices, in order to ensure the interest of the wealthiest people and ignore customers with less economy. During this period, many people end up looking for alternative channels in which to buy their favorite product at a fairer price. However, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. like what happened to him to a user after buying an RTX 4070 Ti onlinesince it has been found in their hands with a guitar neck.

If to the Spanish the price of the RTX 40 is above our economic possibilities in general. Since they are products for enthusiasts, like the rest of the high-end products for PC. Imagine, therefore, if we are talking about people from countries with a reduced economic capacity, then things get worse and that is when alternative sales mechanisms appear, which are taken advantage of by scammers with little moral character.

They trick a user with a guitar neck

Online sales platforms give the ability to put both buyers and sellers of all kinds in contact. From large companies that sell their product en masse, to individuals and not forgetting specialized stores. However, there are always people who act in bad faith and take the opportunity to defraud others. How many products, upon reaching the buyer, have turned out to be a construction billet or worse? Well, today we find a similar case, but with something more original, this time the shipment has been the neck of a guitar.

What has been the story? Well, at a certain mass-trade shop in China, which obviously cannot verify all the products on sale, some scammers have uploaded information about a fake RTX 4070 Ti that is supposedly from the Colorful brand. Specifically, it would correspond to the model Colorful Tomahawk iGame 4070 Ti Deluxe Edition OCwhich obviously has not reached the poor Brazilian user to find himself with a piece of wood in his hands.

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RTX 4070 Ti Scam

Beware of pirates and scammers

Many times scams come from necessity and one of the biggest problems that we Europeans do not take into account, but that other human beings in the world do suffer, is that not in all countries there is an official and organized distribution of products. Which leads to many potential buyers having to use other methods to make their purchases.

The worst thing is when these people are able to sell products covered in large online stores, which sell such a volume of products that it is impossible for them to cure all the ads and verify that there is not someone behind it with bad faith hoping to steal the savings of several months of a person. That is why you should be very careful when buying any product online. You never know who is behind it, no matter how reliable the platform from which you have established contact may seem to you.

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