Can you read the messages of another cell phone from another device?

Cell phones are differentiated by features such as storage and operating system, but there is also a factor that prevails over many and that is security.

Today, cybercrime has become a modus operandi for stealing personal information. Then, the experts and the same creators of the cell phones devise alternatives to counteract the situation.

Apart from that, The curiosity or need to investigate about the interactions that another person makes with the smartphone is a demand that many users makebut it should be noted that this action can become fraudulent because these data are also personal, belonging to the person using the cell phone.

On cell phones, the internet connects with WiFi. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

However, Technology is increasingly doing its thing and there is the possibility of being able to see the messages that another person writes on their cell phone through another device.

Valentine’s Day arrives in a few days and although it is the time to celebrate love, there are also those who seek proof of fidelity. With that, Various alternatives have been created to spy on communication devices.

According to various technology-focused blogs, such as computer todayusers take notes of what is on the other’s cell phone, seek to find information on the devices while the person sleeps or there are cases in which, in an extreme way, they pose as a security department of a company with the objective of to find out the cell phone password.

To the list of the previous practices, which are not recommended because it can be a crime for data theft, is added the spy apps. Among the most popular is mSpy App.

Charge the cellphone
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spy app

Taking into account data provided by the portal Spain GlobalmSpy is an application for cell phone monitoring. With it you can spy on a cell phone remotely. This allows the user to collect and upload all the data from the smartphone that is going to be spied on.”

Those who know the subject indicate that the aforementioned application can be used from any device with Internet access. “By downloading the application and installing it on the device (of the other person), a remote connection is established and the information is uploaded to a control panel. Thus, you can spy on another person’s phone without having to own it.

Apps / Communication / Messages
The stores have several options for downloading applications to learn to converse better. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Access to text messages, call monitoring, use of various applications, browser history, GPS, saved files and activity on social networks it is what, possibly, allows the spy application to be seen.

In addition, “it has a function of keylogger with which you can spy on access passwords to multiple pages and accounts. It is an excellent option for monitoring children’s phones during leisure hours or school activities,” according to Spain Global.

On the other hand, for some cell phone technical review specialists, when installing an application on a device, whatever it may be, it is best to realize that the apps It is found in the stores of the same operating systems, the best known being the Google PlayStore (Android) and the App Store (iPhone).

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When making the decision to download applications from third-party stores, the blog Zone networks slogan that it may happen that some contain software malicious, which allows “to obtain permissions that compromise the entire system”. Also, “they could access our data, install additional programs and make the device not work properly.”

Therefore, the advice given by speakers on innovation and digital security is to download apps Only from official stores.

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