Carlos Gómez, the dreamy soccer player who left the country to buy a house for his mother

Hundreds of stories are known in Colombian soccer of players who dream of leaving their places of origin to go abroad. Without a doubt, one of the most emotional is that of Luis Díaz, who was born in La Guajira, moved to Barranquilla FC, he triumphed in Junior and made the leap to Porto de Portugal, where he impressed the world to now be a vital part of the historic Liverpool of English football.

This has been an accelerated career that has brought a more than significant improvement in the way of life for him and his family. Currently, he enjoys with his wife and son from England.

Luis Díaz made his debut in the first division of Colombian soccer wearing the Junior de Barranquilla jersey. Photo: Ground Zero. – Photo: Photo: Ground Zero.

Likewise, other young people who are emerging from remote lands in Colombia have the same desire. One who is on a very good path, barely 20 years old, is Carlos Andrés Gómez, a young man born in Quibdó who, thanks to the good eye of the minor divisions of Millonarios, arrived in Bogotá to be polished by Alberto Gamero and a few months ago gave the first He jumped abroad, now playing for Real Salt Lake in the United States MLS.

Already with this present, the greatest desire he has is near: “I told my mother that if I stayed in Colombia it would be more difficult to buy her the house that she wanted so much., then we met as a family and reached an agreement. The MLS also seemed like a better option to me because they say they pay a lot here, so I came. I come from a neighborhood where crime is high, where the economy is bad and that motivated me to come here.”

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In an interview with him VBar de Caracol, was sincere when he said that he is going through a good moment and that the gift for his mother is close to materializing: “For my young age, I am earning well. I’m hoping to go to Colombia and there hand over the house to my mom, which is what I’ve always wanted. I still haven’t decided where to buy it because that’s up to her, I’m also thinking about it because the town is very dangerous”.

Millionaires sold one of their young homegrown players to the MLS.
Millionaires sold one of their young homegrown players to the MLS. – Photo: Royal Salt Lake

Along with his dreamy story, he also referred to the misconception that one can have about soccer in the United States and if the career of such a young soccer player is really harmed by going there: “People think that coming here is getting lost and no, they are wrong. Soccer is competitive here, my holy God.”

In addition, he said that Alberto Gamero, his former coach at Millonarios, was quite condescending for him to leave: “The professor says that why do they work for a player if when an offer arrives they will not let him leave. He is very happy with my departure because he worked a lot on me and thanks to that the fruit was borne. I got out of Millionaires well”.

Carlos Andrés Gómez, Millionaires.  Photo: Dimayor
Carlos Andrés Gómez left Millonarios heading to the MLS. – Photo: Dimayor

In turn, he spoke about the first orders he has had at his new club, where he has already played three games and a total of 115 minutes played: “The teacher here is Argentine and is also like a friend of the player. He explains to us that if one does the individual and didn’t come out, it doesn’t matter; that yes, to recover it with everything, is what he asks for ”.

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Finally, he did not forget his past in the Bogota blue team and sent a hopeful message for the return to the Copa Libertadores and the achievement of the elusive League title this year: “The fan of Millonarios is a fan at heart and they always want to gain. I have seen the matches and with this group, the truth is, they are going to be League champions. And they will also take a big step in Brazil. They should be patient with the group, which seems calm, playing well as always”.

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