‘Carmen Curlers’ tells the true story of the invention of the electric curling iron and its impact on women’s liberation

‘Carmen Curlers’ arrives at Filmin to tell how in the 60s an apparently trivial event in a small town in Denmark was decisive in the lives of many women Inside and outside of the country. The series is free based on the real case of Arne Bybjergwhich revolutionized the cosmetics sector with the invention of the first electric curling iron.

The businessman Arne Bybjerg had a business selling radios and televisions and Almost by chance, he came across an invention that would change his life and that of thousands of women: the electric curling iron.either. The discovery took place in the hectic decade of the 60s, in which many women housewives began to have more free time thanks to advances such as the washing machine, the dishwasher, or even diapers, which came to Denmark from the United States. In that context, the electric curling iron arrived, an invention that was revolutionary in many ways.

On the one hand, it allowed many women to do their hair at home and in just ten minutes, instead of having to spend several hours at the hairdresser. A small change compared to what it meant to the thousands of women who ended up working at Bybjerg’s company. What was truly revolutionary was that when the invention began to work commercially, after a complicated journey, manpower was needed and the company hired women who until then had been cleaning houses or working on their husbands’ farms and who yearned for freedom. Being hired by Carmen Curlers meant that they began to earn their own money and be independent.

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From story to series

Behind the series is one of Denmark’s most renowned screenwriters, Mette Heeno, who has written more than 20 feature films and television series. The best known are ‘Park Road’, ‘Rita’, ‘Splitting Up Together’ or the recent ‘Snow Angels for SVT. ‘Carmen Curlers’ has become a huge ratings success for the Danish channel DR, responsible for hits like ‘The Killing’ and ‘Borgen’. The data has led to the renewal of the series for two more seasons that will arrive at the end of 2023 and in 2025, respectively.

Heeno tells in an interview in Variety that although it is inspired by the real businessman who invented electric curls and what the contraption did for women’s independence, most of the series is fiction. A fiction that through his characters he shows the modernization of Denmarkwhose stories also allow, and despite being set in the 60s, to talk about current issues such as gender equality, diversity or conciliation.

the series is starring Morten Hee Andersen in the role of visionary Axel Byvang and with him complete the cast Maria Rossing, Nicolai Jørgensen, Lars Ranthe, Mille Lehfeldt, Fanny Leander Bornedal, Kaya Toft Loholt, Signe Egholm Olsen, Petrine Agger, Christian Tafdrup.

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