Celebrate love; These apps will help you find a hotel on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, a date that is very special for lovers where couples usually spend a special moment and thus celebrate the happiness that having a romantic relationship with someone produces. For this reason, during that day people usually deliver gifts, look for spaces to have a romantic dinner and more intimate settings where they can express their love in complete privacy.

However, on that date many couples have difficulties find space in a restaurant and especially to locate a hotel or motel with availabilityin the event that one is located, it is possibly a great distance from the area where the lovers want to be and possibly does not have all the services that are needed.

However, today technology can become a great ally for lovers who are looking for a place to be with their partner, as there are several apps that offer the possibility of finding a motel room quickly and according to the criteria or user needs.

On Valentine’s Day, many couples look for a motel to spend a special moment. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

‘Apps’ for a motel on Valentine’s Day


MotelNow is a platform that has several functions to facilitate the location and reservation of rooms in a motel, in fact, the platform also allows you to find promotions. In addition, users can generate ratings and comments about their experience on a site and therefore other people have the possibility of reviewing those reviews to know the quality of a place, before generating the reservation.

The great advantage of this tool is that The user can search based on various criteria such as location, cost, services offered or rating of other people.In addition, the platform offers several images that allow you to have a more precise idea of ​​the type of room that would be reserved.

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It should be noted that this platform can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store, therefore, it is a service that is available for users of Android or iPhone devices.

MotelNow, app to find motels during Valentine's Day.
MotelNow, app to find motels during Valentine’s Day. – Photo: Google Play Store


This platform arises as an additional service to a website that specialized in offering options for reserving motels. In the application, users will be able to find several room options, which can be adjusted according to their tastes, location or budget.

The strength of this service is to help people find a site immediately, which can be a great advantage on occasions when you need to find a room urgently. In addition, the platform usually generates various promotions for users.

This platform is only available for the Google Play Store, so it is an exclusive service for those who have an Android device.

During Valentine's Day, many couples look for a place to be together.
During Valentine’s Day, many couples look for a place to be together. – Photo: Getty Images


Although TripAdvisor is a platform specially designed for travelers, people can turn to this service when they need to find a motel or a hotel room. Although this tool does not have a function dedicated to finding motel rooms, it will be possible to search for hotel options for lovers. and by reading other people’s comments you will be able to find a good alternative.

The great advantage of this option is that you can use the filter system to find options that fit your budget and location, in the same way, the reviews left by other users are a great resource to locate an option that is really good and that complies with everything it offers.

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Although the search for a motel in this tool can take a little more time, thanks to the large database that TripAdvisor manages. a couple can find interesting alternatives that could satisfy their more adventurous or daring side.


In case it is not possible to get a room in the right motel, Airbnb can become an attractive alternative for couples who want to have a romantic night in a special and discreet place or away from the noise of the city.

Valentine's Day is a very important holiday for lovers.
Valentine’s Day is a very important holiday for lovers. – Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to this platform, you have the possibility of planning a short trip to a place surrounded by nature or that has certain comforts, in order to live an intimate moment with the couple.

In fact, the platform recently revealed that Colombia has become one of the most attractive destinations for people from other countries to spend a romantic moment during Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of the most attractive destinations in Colombia to celebrate Valentine’s Day according to Airbnb:

  • The House in the Sky, Cali, Valle del Cauca
  • Cabin in the mountains, Pasto, Nariño
  • Chalet Boutique, Medellin, Antioquia
  • Alto Bonito, Salamina, Caldas
  • El Amanecer Cabin, Santa Marta, Magdalena

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