Chorus: open space with spectacular space battles

First of all, it must be said that, if you are a fan of space battles, it is not that we recommend giving a chance to Chorus, is that we really believe that you should play it soon. Today it is difficult for you to find a game with skirmishes that are not only as frantic as those offered by the game of the semi-unknown fishlabsbut so intuitive and with a control that once you feel the pulse, you will want to get into even the most insipid combats in the galaxy just to be able to pilot the Forsaken for a few more minutes.

Science fiction fans will also enjoy our recommendation to the fullest, and it is that the relationship between our ship, the Forsaken, and Nara, the protagonist, as well as a common past and for which the ship holds a certain grudge, is capable of sustaining plot throughout the game. And it is that the Forsaken is more than a simple ship: It is an AI that offers us very interesting conversations throughout the adventure, one that is quite long-lived.

And it is that we are facing a game with a fairly open environment in which we can explore with almost total freedom, fulfilling secondary missions that we will find on our journey, and that must be made clear, they are quite bland. Fortunately, the playable solidity when it comes to piloting and fighting can sustain these deficiencies, because we are far from talking about a perfect game, nothing further, but this is what these recommendations are about, right?



How could it be otherwise, we can customize and improve the Forsaken, abilities and arsenal, in pursuit of a greater variety, which with the passing of the hours, will be appreciated. In short, it is a game that without being independent or AAA, is in that place where it is easy to go unnoticed, but which we believe deserves to be attended to.

Why play it?

  • Few space battles you will find more frantic and satisfying
  • Argumentally it reaches a good level, with two great protagonists
  • Long-lived, and you compensate with its playable solidity for a certain repetitiveness in the long term
  • Technically, especially at the sound level, very good for being an AA

Where can I find it?

It is available on all digital platforms, that is: PS Store (PS4 and PS5), Microsoft Store (Xbox One and Xbox Series, available on Game Pass) and Steam.

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