Competition came to Spotify, this is how the ‘app’ works that lets you listen to music for free and without spending phone data

The arrival in the country of ‘TREBEL’ was recently announced, a musical platform for streaming which, according to its creators, offers a service that does not require a monthly paid subscription and the contents can be listened to without having the phone connected to the Internet.

So this application appears as a legal option for users in Colombia who do not want to pay a subscription to listen to music, or for those who do not spend their mobile data to access their favorite songs.

Added to it, the platform maintains that it has a wide range of free music themes that are part of the catalog of Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music record labels, as well as those of hundreds of independent labels.

Music serves as medical therapy. – Photo: Getty Images/Image Source

In fact, Maluma, one of the most influential Colombian artists in the urban genre, is one of the investors behind the service offered by the application for mobile devices.

Despite the fact that the promise of a free music service may be an attractive alternative for thousands of music lovers, several of them may have doubts about how this platform works. For this reason, spoke with Kevin Mills, TREBEL’s global expansion leader, to learn more about the features offered by this service.

App to listen to music without the need for an internet connection.
App to listen to music without the need for an internet connection. – Photo: Trebel Officer / Courtesy for Week

How does the TREBEL app work?

Mills indicated that it is You need to download the app from Google Play Store, App Store or App GalleryOnce it is installed, you will have to register on the platform. Upon completing this process, the user will be able to access the music catalog and when they find the song or songs they want to listen to, they must go to a download screen.

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Music is downloaded to the phone while a 15-30 second banner ad appears on the screen. Once the ad ends, the music track is saved on the phone, to be listened to whenever the user wants.

“In this way, a win-win-win is created. The user wins for having free access to a huge and freely downloadable music catalogue. The music industry wins because TREBEL is capturing users who would otherwise be listening to music on pirated platforms,” said Mills.

According to Kevin Mills, the application’s business model is based on advertising, so users “pay” for their music by interacting with ads that appear as banner ads, audio ads, and video ads. “However, TREBEL will never interrupt a user with advertising once they start listening to music,” he clarified.

On which devices is it compatible?

The platform can currently be downloaded and used on Android phones, iPhones (which run iOS) and Huawei smartphones.

How extensive is the catalog of songs that it offers?

Mills said the app It has a catalog of more than 75 million songs, “That includes all the music from the three biggest labels in the world (Sony, Universal, Warner) as well as the catalogs of hundreds of independent labels.”

Streaming music platforms are very popular among smartphone users
Streaming music platforms are very popular among smartphone users – Photo: Getty Images

Added to this, TREBEL’s global expansion leader confirmed that this service also allows access to a wide variety of podcasts.

If the music is downloaded to the cell phone, isn’t there a risk that the phone’s storage memory will be saturated?

Kevin Mills pointed out that music format varies from AAC 64 to AAC320 files, depending on connectivity at the time of download and phone memory. Thanks to this factor, the platform has the ability to maximize the audio quality that each user receives, depending on the capabilities of their phone.

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“Users can download all the music they want using Wi-Fi at home, the office, or any public place that offers it. Once the songs are on their device, the person can listen to the music without having to be connected to the internet, which prevents them from using up their data plan,” she added.

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