Coudet praised Millonarios, but revealed that Atlético Mineiro “did not give importance” to playing at El Campín

Eduardo Coudet, technical director of Atlético Mineiro, referred to the commitment on March 15 against Millonarios, a determining factor in the aspirations of qualifying for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

Regarding the tie with a goal at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium, in which the team from the Colombian capital played hand in hand, beyond having a lower payroll, the Argentine coach affirmed that the fact of playing at altitude had an influence and that, although they downplayed the matter, perhaps their players will receive a bill of collection in the return commitment in Brazil.

“Altitude is an important issue, which we did not give it the importance it really means, we played at 2,700 meters high and we put a lot of physical effort on it”affirmed the strategist of the Brazilian club.

Coudet, remembered for his career as a footballer wearing the River Plate shirt, stated that he played at a high level and, once again, emphasized what last Wednesday’s match could have represented for his team on a physical level. In addition, he praised his rival, although he hopes to beat him in Belo Horizonte.

“Going down is not the same as going up, that is a great truth in the physical part, I say it because I played at altitude, it is not the same for them to go to the plain as to go to 2,700 meters high. We are going to face a great team, hopefully we can give our people a win”he added.

Larry Vásquez in the dispute for a ball in the match between Millonarios and Atlético Mineiro. – Photo: AFP
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The coach of Atlético Mineiro was also hopeful for Wednesday’s commitment, as it would mean not only advancing to the group stage of the tournament, but receive 3 million dollars for classifying this instance.

“We are going to get to the Libertadores game very well. Prepare to play a final at home with our people and that is our next objective”he added.

Another reason to trust the classification is to have the Argentinian Matías Zaracho, who could not be in the first leg because he requested permission to resolve some delicate family matters.

“We already have him. He already trained a double shift, they are personal situations where we have to be understanding”, Coudet explained.

Millionaires, without Llinás for the match for Libertadores

Looking ahead to next Wednesday’s game, Millionaires lost a key man. It treats of Andrés Llinás, quota of security in the defensive saga, that he will not be able to have playing minutes due to injury, although he is already on the recovery side.

“Millonarios FC informs that the player Andrés Llinás presented a grade 1 sprain in his right knee, for which he will not be able to be part of the delegation to Brazil. The player is already in recovery work. Approximate disability: one week”indicated the sports institution on its official Twitter account.

Andrés Llinás, player of Millonarios FC during the BetPlay 2022 League match.
Andrés Llinás, undisputed starter in the defensive defense of Millonarios. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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Now, Alberto Gamero will have the great task of rethinking the defensive zone and choosing the replacement for the always important Andrés Llinás. The options are Oscar Vanegas and Jorge Arias.

It is worth remembering that regarding the first leg against Atlético Mineiro, Alberto Gamero was proud of his team’s idea of ​​the game, although the ideal would have been to maintain the one-goal advantage thanks to Mackalister Silva’s header.

Alberto Gamero manages to be champion as a player and coach of Millionaires
Alberto Gamero, DT of Millionaires. – Photo: Capture @Dimayor

“It was a two-way game, at no time did we hide or go back, at times they forced us and at others we forced them. It was a Cup game and it leaves me calm that the team competed. When we won 1-0 we never gave up looking for another goal”, affirmed Gamero, who hopes to qualify in Belo Horizonte.

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