Crazy theories of Sonic 3: The movie

We have already talked about Sonic 3: The Movie. We have talked about rumors, curious facts and we have even offered you all the information about it. However, today it’s time to talk about those crazy theories created by the media and fans.

Some of the theories that we will tell you about in this article are strange but quite plausible; others, on the other hand, are completely preposterous. So with that being said, sit back and enjoy.

Shadow’s origin in Sonic 3

He shadow’s origin it is quite interesting and complex. So, knowing that Shadow is going to play a very important role in Sonic 3, it is not surprising that the producers of the film want to explore his origins.

Taking this as a starting point, many fans have theorized about the appearance of Maria Robotnik and his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnikin the third film of the hedgehog of SEGA. Let’s remember that these two characters were very important in the game Shadow the Hedgehog (2005). In this game, Shadow searched for answers about his past as he faced the GUN soldiers and to an alien race known as the Black Arms. Yes, just as you read it. If you want to know a little more about this title, we have an article about it on our website.

The thing is, the government organization known as GUN has already appeared in the movies without many people realizing it. In addition, it seems that Shadow will maintain part of his background by being the cornerstone of the shadow project. So this theory could be not far from reality. Maria could appear in the next Sonic movie and play a fundamental role in the plot, either as a key for Shadow to recover part of his memory or as his ally.

Characters that will appear in Sonic 3: The Movie

And speaking of characters that are going to appear, there are many rumors that Amy Rose and Rogue the Bat they could appear in Sonic 3. Although this possibility is not entirely impossible, it is quite unlikely.

For starters, the developer still hasn’t found the voice that will bring Shadow to life; so it is more than certain that this will be his main priority in the coming months. On the other hand, in another article we already talked about, that possibly Sonic 3: The Movie be the door to a more than possible cinematographic universe centered on the mascot of SEGA. Knowing this, it would not be surprising if they left the inclusion of these characters for future projects.

In addition, those in charge of the film have confirmed that Sonic 3 will focus above all in the character of Shadow and his rivalry with Sonic. So it would be a bad decision to introduce more characters that could take the focus away from the main plot. Which doesn’t mean we can’t see these two characters in a post credits scene.

Robotnik’s Appearance

He Dr Robotnik – played by actor Jim Carrey -, has appeared in the first two Sonic movies, playing the role of main antagonist. The most normal thing would be to think that Jim Carrey would return to give life to this iconic character of the franchise. However, this may not be so.

In an interview to Access Hollywood, the Canadian actor expressed his desire to withdraw from the spotlight indefinitely. Since then Jim Carrey He has not participated in any other project and it does not seem that this is going to change. The director of the film stated that in the event that the actor did not want to resume his role as the Dr Eggman, this character would not appear again. Because no one could play it just as well.

But don’t worry. There is still a small ray of hope. Jim Carrey clarified in this same interview that he could return in the event that he presented himself an exceptional project. Meanwhile, our dear Dr. Robotnik is dedicating his free time to his other great passion: painting. Be Sonic 3: The Movie that last big project? Will Jim Carrey return to close the arc of one of his most recognizable characters? Only time will tell.

Possible secondary villains

Based on the idea that the Dr Eggman will not appear in the next blue hedgehog movies, several theories have emerged trying to guess who could be the other villain who will face our heroes alongside Shadow. Let us remember that in sonic 2 the movieTails and Sonic had to deal with Knuckles and Robotnik, although the first one ended up going over to the side of our protagonists just as he did in the games. Shadow may follow in the same footsteps as Knuckles and join forces with Sonic and company to take on a bigger threat. But who could pose such a threat?

Some of the most popular names to acquire this antagonistic role have been those of Metal Sonic and Black Doom. If you ask me, the second option seems the most plausible to me, considering that this alien entity already had a similar role in the game of Shadow the Hedgehog. However, it could also be the possibility that Dr. Robotnik has left behind one last card that manages to put our heroes in check; and that this is Metal Sonic. In this way, Sonic 3: The movie could adapt part of the plot of sonic adventure 2 and Sonic CD in the same film.

Metal Sonic in Sonic Colors.

These theories sound really good, but realistically, the second villain will most likely end up being Agent Stone. Since it appears in sonic 2 post credits scene in a soldier outfit, while a GUN soldier and the Commander talk about Eggman and Project Shadow. But what do you think? What other antagonist would you like to see in future Sonic projects?

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