Creative Stage SE, an affordable and interesting sound bar

The Singaporean company has launched the Creative Stage SE, an inexpensive sound bar that is committed to offering good value for money, and which is designed to blend seamlessly into any space, thanks to its compact size. It is very easy to install and configure, and it works both wired (via USB) like wireless (via Bluetooth 5.3).

The Creative Stage SE design has a classic touch and adopts the traditional rectangular format. Has a 48 watt peak poweris set to 2.0 mode and it has Clear Dialog technologies, which improves voices, Surround to achieve surround sound and allows you to adjust the tone depending on the content we are playing.

Without a doubt, the tone adjustment is one of the most interesting and innovative features that we will find in the Creative Stage SE, and we can adjust it in real time in a very simple way thanks to the included remote control. The tone determines the warmth of the sound, so when we turn it up it leans into lower frequencies, giving bass sounds and vocals a commanding presence. If we lower it, the opposite happens and we find a more “bright” sound, where the treble takes on a leading role.

Creative Stage SE

The integrated control wheel on the side facilitates control without a remote control, and is indicated for use scenarios next to a PC, which is when we normally have it so close that we can reach it without having to get up. The installation process is not a mystery, since we are dealing with a solution that works in a “plug and play” way, that is, plug and play.

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I can confirm that the Creative Stage SE It is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. In its description of specifications we can see that it has a signal-to-noise ratio > 80 dB, an operating frequency of 2,402-2,480 MHz and a range of up to 10 meters in open spaces when used with Bluetooth 5.3. Keep in mind that obstacles and walls can significantly reduce the range.

It is not possible to use it completely wirelessly because it has to be connected to the current for its power, but by using it connected by Bluetooth we can reduce the wiring. It is available with a recommended price of €79.99, and we can buy it right now with a 5% discount if we use the code “FLASH5”. This offer is limited, and will only be valid until March 20.

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