Dani Alves’ brother attacks the player’s wife for the divorce

Fewer and fewer people remain in favor of Dani Alves. The Brazilian player, who knew how to shine with the Brazilian team and be part of important clubs in the world, today is running out of support in one of the most complicated moments of his life. All the product of a complaint of sexual abuse filed by a woman at the end of 2022 and who now has him in a prison in Spain.

His family, who has been aware, is the only one left because the one who was his wife until a couple of days ago, the model Joana Sanz, said goodbye to him in a surprising way, dedicating a letter to him that was disclosed.

After knowing the goodbye of the English, Ney Alves, The athlete’s brother, he could not remain silent and without mediating a previous conversation with the woman, he sent a scathing message for not supporting him in the midst of the difficult situation.

Player and model posed at a gala together. – Photo: Getty Images/Joe Maher

The singer made a publication on his Instagram account, where he tried to be “disloyal” to what his brother’s sentimental partner was until hours ago: “I’m going to give you some advice. It’s good even for me. Never expect consideration, recognition, or loyalty from anyone.”

To complement his hint, he went on to say that the English model would have thrown and crushed Dani Alves with the decision made: “We have to be alert, because the same person who does you great good is the same as tomorrow it will throw you to the ground and crush you mercilessly.”

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Faced with this harsh news that caused a stir in Spain, media close to the player’s current situation in jail assured that he was truly devastated, taking a hard blow in these months.

According to the program four a day, the former Barcelona player remained alone in his cell, without having contact with anyone. This medium also added that the Brazilian is “completely sunk and very nervous.”

Dani Alves spoke about the situation he is experiencing
Dani Alves spoke about the situation he is experiencing – Photo: Instagram: Daniel Alves

And it is that for several days it had been mentioned on English soil that the marriage of the player with the model Joana Sanz would be in its last days, this due to an enigmatic message from the woman on social networks that hinted at the end of the relationship.

Now, days later and with the pressure on her due to the Alves case and the questions about her relationship, the woman finally put an end to her story with the Brazilian player through a heartbreaking letter that she wrote in her own handwriting.

“I think it will take me years of life to get his way of looking at me out of my memory. That way of as if I were the most incredible thing in the world. And fuck yeah, I’m awesome. Because I am hardworking, independent, intelligent, thoughtful, affectionate, funny, faithful and humane. So human that, despite the damage he has caused me, I am still here by his side, ”she said.

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And he added: “I chose as a life partner a person who was perfect in my eyes. He was always there when I needed him the most, he always supported me in everything, he encouraged me to grow, loving, attentive… it’s so hard for me to accept that this person could break me into a thousand pieces.”.

Message Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves.  Photo: Instagram screenshot joanasanz
Message Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves. – Photo: Instagram screenshot joanasanz

Sanz was really hurt by the termination of her marriage to the soccer player, whom she even visited in jail on several occasions. “I continue and will continue to be, but in another way. I love him and will always love him. Whoever says that love is forgotten is deceiving himself or did not really love. But I love myself, I respect myself and I value myself much more. Forgiving relieves, so I keep the magic and close this stage of my life that began on 05/18/15”, said the woman.

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