Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is coming soon. Detailed overview

The charming alien Krypto returns to the monitor screens in Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed-a remake of the 2006 game. This time he will have to destroy the plans of the evil KGB officers, save the buxom beauty, fight Godzilla, and even visit the Soviet slums of Tunguska.

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Neat remaster

In 2020, Black Forest Games released a remake of Destroy All Humans!, a great game from 2005. Some critics praised it for its good graphics, good humor, and recreating the original mechanics on the new engine. But most reviewers lambasted the remake for outdated gameplay, second-rate missions, and a “dead” open world.   The authors were afraid to change the game mechanics invented at Pandemic Studios, for which they paid with mixed reviews from the press.   But new players who are not familiar with the original liked the game. Positive reviews on Steam will not let you lie.


As you already understood, Destroy All Humans 2 — Reprobed Another remake of the 2006 sequel from the PS2 and Xbox consoles. The developers flatly refused to remake the outdated gameplay, focusing instead on visual improvement and recreating the atmosphere. If you played the original from Pandemic Studios in the middle of the 2000s, then you will not see anything new in this remake.

Open world

The basic gameplay has not changed much since the remake of the first part. We also have access to an open world divided into locations. We can terrorize passers-by, destroy buildings, fight police officers, look for collectibles, and complete secondary tasks. It is interesting to deal with all this diversity in isolation from the story campaign only in the first hours.

Destroy All Humans 2

A large number of deadly guns and Crypto’s abilities make it easy to complete the main campaign, even on hard difficulty. The opponents are incredibly stupid and unable to fight back against the main character. They endlessly respawn and die very quickly from any weapon. The KGB agents shoot like stormtroopers from Star Wars (that is, they mow terribly-editor’s note), which Krypto reminds us of in his monologues.

After receiving the probe (local railgun), the entire gameplay turns into a mindless shooting of game blanks. Ammo materializes out of thin air, and health regenerates automatically. Even thick-skinned opponents from the final levels are killed once or twice.

Destroy All Humans 2

As in the first part, we have access to vast locations with separate ecosystems: Albion with constant fog and endless smog (London), Tunguska with mud, snow, poverty and mini-gardens (Siberia), Takoshima with sakura and advertising signs (Tokyo), Bay City with the Golden Gate Bridge and hippies scurrying through the yards (San Francisco), as well as the Soviet lunar city of Solaris. Each zone is worked out to the smallest detail, and admiring the scenery is a separate pleasure.

Remember how critics scolded Mafia 2 for its long and languid journeys from task to task? In ‘Destroy All Humans! 2-Reprobed with this, things are even worse. Tasks and missions are spread out in different locations. You have to get to the next story quest either on your own two feet or by using a jetpack, which has low speed and a very small charge reserve.

Thanks, Destroy All Humans! 2-Reprobed has become noticeably lighter than its predecessor in terms of movement without a flying saucer. Now, Crypto can possess people without worrying about disguise. New abilities help you quickly break away from pursuit or get out of trouble. For example, “Free Love” for a moment makes everyone around them immerse themselves in psychedelic music and forget about the main character, and “Flash of the Mind” stuns NPCs around you for a short time.

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The flying saucer has received a stealth mode, but it will not be possible to use it as a transport. She cannot land anywhere, and the take-off sites are located in uncomfortable places. It takes a long time to stomp on foot, and in a sterile and event-poor open world, it’s also boring.

The structure of story missions has remained unchanged. We read minds in search of the necessary information, penetrate closed territories, clear locations from waves of opponents, and walk a lot on the markers on the map. In 2006, such a game design was forgivable, but in 2022, because of the monotony and secondary nature, you want to finish the game as soon as possible-and not return.

But even with these shortcomings, Destroy All Humans! 2-Reprobed is more fun and interesting to play than the recent Saints Row. Destroying buildings, making meteor showers, exterminating the military and kidnapping passers-by is fun, and lovers of lawlessness here are completely given unlimited opportunities. Yes, this kind of gameplay quickly gets boring, but you can also play Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed preferably in portions.

Pumping from the first part migrated to the second without changes. Upgrading weapons consumes a special resource, which is issued for completing tasks. To improve the abilities of the character, you have to fly on a saucer and suck in onlookers from the streets with a vacuum cleaner. By itself, pumping is unobtrusive; you can go through the game without it.

In general, you will not see anything radically new in comparison with the 2020 remake. Black Forest Games did not dare to change the original Pandemic Studios game design, retaining all the key features and features of the original. As a result, the game feels more like a neat remaster than a full-fledged remake.

The plot

The plot of Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed starts ten years after the events of the first part. The protagonist of the 2020 game suddenly died for unknown reasons. His clone Crypto-138, made from purer alien DNA, now takes the place of the President of the United States. The new protagonist made contact with people, refused to conquer the planet, and also received genitals that were missing from his race. And this allows him to have fun with female human beings. Soviet intelligence learns about the latter fact and decides to prevent aliens from multiplying on Earth.

If the first game ridiculed the statements of American ufologists and parodied various clichés of popular culture of the fifties and sixties of the last century, then the second is based on spreading cranberries and ridiculing the cultural characteristics of the inhabitants of certain countries. Here you have the British with frilly outfits, tea drinking and a strange accent; the Soviet alcoholic citizens with borscht; and the Japanese with giant monsters, ninjas and schoolgirls in short skirts; and American hippies with promiscuous sex. Making fun of second-rate stereotypes could still be tolerated in 2006, but now this approach to humor is outdated.

The main highlight of the plot of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Sexy Natasha from the KGB became Reprobed. The most pleasant and interesting character that breaks out of cranberry stereotypes and pleases gamers with every appearance.

The script for Destroy All Humans!  2 – Reprobed is simple to disgrace, and you start to get tired quickly from the number of meaningless dialogues and stupid variability. The developers were well aware of what a stupid scenario it was to draw facial animations and direct staged scenes, so they added a task to the game where the head of the white ninjas requires the player to retell the main plot twists and turns. By the way, this is the most difficult mission in the game. Only a true fan of the 2006 original will be able to listen to it and not miss the stupid dialogues.

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After the fourth hour of running through the satirical storylines, the main villain and the main plot conflict are finally introduced: in the world of Destroy All Humans! The fall of the Tunguska meteorite in 1908 was actually an emergency landing of a downed UFO. The surviving passengers of an alien ship needed an increased radiation background for a comfortable life, so they infiltrated the society of the Russian Empire, staged a coup d’état, founded the Soviet Union, began to rivet rockets, and were already preparing for a comfortable nuclear winter, but then the Furons appeared with their search mission.

It makes no sense to retell the further flow of nonsense with Lenin the alien, but if this meta-humor hooked you, you are on the same wavelength as the developers of the original Destroy All Humans! 2, and the remake needs urgent attention.

Modern graphics

To Destroy All Humans! 2-Reprobed developers redrawn all textures and models. It looks no worse than other games in the open world. Juicy colors, locations worked out to the smallest detail, pleasant animations, and cartoonish stylization are pleasing to the eye and do not cause feelings of cheapness.

Each character received an updated high-poly model while retaining the original design. There are no absurdities with a change in orientation, skin color, character or behavior, which other remakes of cult games sin with. In short, no agenda. The developers promised to keep the spirit of the original, and they kept their promise.


The game’s music is embarrassingly dull. All these ufological gashes from the films of the seventies sound frankly bad. There is licensed music in the game, but only as a collectible item that can be listened to in a separate submenu. Perhaps there is a function to include a cult song from that era in the game itself, but I never found it.

Destroy All Humans!  2 – Reprobed is perfectly optimized for weak hardware, but at the same time it has a solid picture with elaborate lighting, dimming, and visual effects. Even with a large number of opponents, vehicles and buildings collapsing according to the laws of physics, the game perfectly keeps the frame rate and does not spoil the impression of the gameplay.

There are bugs. Companions get stuck in the walls, enemies are frankly dumb, vehicles can fly into the sky for no reason, tanks fall through textures, but all this does not interfere with the passage of tasks. Only once Natasha refused to go along the intended route and landed in an acid river, the mission had to be restarted.


The main problem of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed in that it feels like a hit from the mid-noughties. The game is very long and with an uneven pace, with an uneven Primitive shooting and simplified to the maximum gameplay does not give the player even a hint of a challenge.   The outdated structure of the missions and the plot itself are not able to lure today’s audiences to the passage to the very end. The developers’ fear of bringing the classic gameplay up to modern standards prevents them from calling it “Destroy All Humans!” 2-Reprobed as a full remake. good remaster? Perhaps yes.

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