Didier Deschamps uncovers a direct war with Karim Benzema for the ‘delete’ in Qatar 2022

Three months after the disappointment of the French team for having lost the World Cup with Argentina, part of the reasons began to appear that ended the dream of a two-time championship for the French. Didier Deschamps, coach of the runner-up team in Qatar 2022, uncovered in the last few hours the ‘truth’ of what happened with Karim Bemzema and his early exit from the tournament.

On the version of the attacker who defends his physical condition, the coach said: “It insults us to say that. There is only one truth and Karim knows it well. Karim joined on November 14 after a period of semi-inactivity at his club (His last game with Real Madrid was on November 2 against Celtic, he had played 26 minutes)”.

Karim Benzema used his social networks to send a message. – Photo: Getty Images

“He followed an individualized program, his return to collective training was postponed. He wasn’t 100 percent sure that he could start the first game against Australia. When Karim was injured, our doctor took him to the Aspetar clinic for an MRI,” he added.

Deschamps recounted one by one the hours leading up to making the decision on Benzema’s definitive absence: “Karim sent the results to one of his doctors in Madrid who also gave him his opinion. When he returned to the hotel, it was already past midnight. I met Karim in his room with our doctor who had come to give me the MRI report”.

“Karim is upset because this World Cup meant a lot to him. told me he was dead. In the best of cases, his return to training could not come before December 10. In his statement on his social network, he expresses his disappointment at having to leave, but he justifies this choice because of his concern to think about the team, ”he commented on the unprecedented conversations with the player.

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“We were together for about twenty minutes. When I leave him, I tell him: ‘Karim, there is no rush’. You organize your return with the team manager. When I wake up, I realize it’s gone. It’s her decision, she won’t tell you otherwise, I understand and respect that”, he complemented.

France's soccer team players pose for a team photo group prior to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, at Clairefontaine training center, south of Paris, Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. Defending champion France opens against Australia on Nov. 22, and the squad will fly to Qatar on Wednesday.  (AP/Thibault Camus)
Benzema took part in the official photo and then ended up outside the orbital appointment. – Photo: AP/Thibault Camus

Regarding the appearance days later at Real Madrid without any physical complications, the coach said: “Do you really think that it is comparable to the intensity of a World Cup semifinal? Despite his talent and status that no one has ever questioned, can you imagine him coming back at the last moment? Karim himself told me that he would not have been ready”.

“Not at all. No player was happy with his progress as heard or read. Karim knows it too. I don’t know who spreads those rumors. It’s not even controversy anymore, it’s malice. If the smiles appeared, it was not because Karim had left us, but because the team was winning, ”he added.

“I called him after my contract renewal. We had a long talk. I called him again more recently to find out his predisposition for the next calls and he confirmed his decision to end his international career. Don’t ask me for their arguments. It will be up to him to communicate them or not ”, he ended up implying that the end of the Benzema era in the French team was a reality.

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Benzema once heard what his former coach said, all his anger was removed and he could not remain silent: “But how daring,” he wrote in a post on his Instagram account, “dear Didier, good night” and finally , forcefully said: “he lies”, unleashing a complete war within the French team.

Benzema was touched after the training session on Saturday
Benzema was touched after the training session on Saturday. – Photo: REUTERS

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