Do they watch the Earth? Pentagon official says there is an alien mothership in our solar system

For decades, human beings have developed all kinds of theories about the presence of alien races that live in other worlds and that possess superior technology, which allows them to have contact with the inhabitants of Earth without them noticing.

In fact, most of these stories have primarily been driven by science fiction and by those who enjoy creating all kinds of conspiracy theories.

However, Sean Kirkpatrick, a member of the United States Department of Defense, released some statements that raise several doubts about the probability that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life is a strictly fanciful matter.

Kirkpatrick, director of the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) at the Pentagon, referred to a report that talks about the presence of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ (UAP), a term now refers to unidentified flying objects.

Alien ships would be analyzing the Earth – Photo: Getty Images

The document, which was developed in collaboration with theorist Abraham Loeb, former chair of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard and current professor of science at that university, points out that a series of Alien ships would be sending probes to Earth as they move through different areas of our solar system.

This report also raises the possibility that there is a mother spaceship, coming from a distant galaxy, which would have been stationed for several decades at a fixed point in the solar system and that from that site it would continuously launch small ships or probes in order to study the planets that are of interest to the extraterrestrial species.

In that order of ideas, the presence of this mothership could explain the different sightings of UFOs that people from various areas of the world have reported over the years.

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“An artificial interstellar object could potentially be a mother ship that releases many small probes during its near-Earth passage, an operational construct not unlike NASA missions,” says an aside from the document titled ‘Physical Restrictions on Aerial Phenomena unidentified’, which was reviewed by the magazine Forbes.

UFOs (Getty)
UFOs (Getty) – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Why has it not been possible to detect the presence of extraterrestrial ships?

As established in the text, the small spacecraft that explore the solar system have a special design along with other capabilities that would allow them to travel great distances in a short time.

With the right design, these small probes would reach Earth or other planets in the solar system for explorationsince the mother ship passes within a fraction of the Earth-Sun separation, just like ‘Oumuamua’ (extrasolar object captured in October 2017)”, highlights the report.

In the same way, the authors of the document affirm that the probes or ships are invisible to tracking telescopes because They have a camouflage system that does not reflect sunlight and this makes them invisible before the instruments that the human species uses to monitor the cosmos.

“Astronomers would not be able to notice the spray from the mini-probes because they do not reflect enough sunlight for existing survey telescopes to notice them,” the text states.

The Russian army had to deploy combat aircraft in the face of the situation (reference image)
Spaceships and military aircraft – Photo: Getty Images / KTSDesign/SCIENCEPHOTOLIBRARY

However, the report ruled out the possibility that the supposed probes that would be studying Earth would not be part of an eventual alien invasionconsidering that it would be a scientific effort similar to the one that NASA currently has with its different missions to other planets.

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”This would explain why they would aim for the habitable region around stars, where liquid water can exist on the surface of rocky planets with atmospheres, such as Earth. Habitable planets would be particularly attractive to trans-medium probes, capable of moving between space, air, and water. From a great distance, Venus, Earth or Mars would be equally attractive to probes. But upon closer inspection, the Earth would show spectral signatures of liquid water and vegetation that could attract selective attention,” says the report presented by Sean Kirkpatrick.

Finally, it must be emphasized that the report issued by the Pentagon official enters the field of speculation, since there is still no solid evidence about the presence of extraterrestrial beings in our solar system. But it should also be noted that in recent years the United States Government has paid special attention to the investigation of strange aerial phenomena.

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