Enjoy the VR of Nintendo Switch with these headsets at a bargain price

Although it seems that Sony is the only one interested in seeing virtual reality succeed –in the field of consoles– and be one more leg in its business, there are other companies that have tried their luck to see how things worked and Nintendo was one of them. If you remember, we owe this Switch VR foray to Nintendo Labo and its cardboard accessories that flooded the market just now four years ago, with more than debatable success.

We got the VR at least

From that time we have been left, at least, some titles that can be used with virtual reality headsets and that includes among the available names, nothing more and nothing less than a certain Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wildwhich offer VR modes that are not really such, but the possibility of controlling the perspective of the camera by moving the head through the gyroscopes.

That’s why don’t think of this Nintendo VR for Switch as an equivalent that you can enjoy in 3D with a Meta Quest, an HP or a PS VR 2 from sony. Even so, it is an additional, very interesting experience that you can easily achieve, and at a great price, thanks to the viewers that we have selected for you today, and that allow you to hook the screen of your console like a glove to offer an immersion like You have rarely seen in the hybrid console of the Japanese.

Switch VR glasses.

VR glasses for your Nintendo Switch

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Thus, we have selected three models that meet the requirements of work on your normal or OLED Nintendo Switch (those that arrived in 2017 and 2019) and that offer an experience very similar to that of larger VR glasses, like the ones we mentioned before. In the case of these OIVO Switch VR they have a very discreet design, without too much stridency, a padded surface to support the face, adjustable lenses and it will work with all the software of the Labo VR Kit as well as the games updated by Nintendo.

The second of the models also has a very normal, functional design, with a padded surface so that we can play comfortably, adjustable lenses, compatibility with normal and OLED Switch consoles and compatibility with all titles available on Switch for this VR mode.

with the latest model we wanted to add a touch of color, so we bring you some DEVASO glasses that are also compatible with the OLED and normal models of Nintendo Switch, allow you to calibrate the lenses and have a padded area so that we can play without getting tired. Needless to say, it works with all VR games.

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