Essential foods after 40 years

Certainly, with the passing of the years, the body loses firmness and is prone to gain weight. As the Mayo Clinic explains, it is because metabolism slows down, so body fat tends to move to the abdominal area.

But not only can it be asserted that the previous statement is the cause of weight gain and other health problems at age 40. The specialized center points out that age, exercise and a diet plan also influence, not to mention that expression lines and wrinkles become more noticeable due to a lack of collagena protein that the body decreases its production at a certain age, according to Sports world.

Therefore, it is important to identify the foods that are favorable after 40 and include them in an eating plan that contributes to the health of the body.

The pharmacist María López through an article in Knowing Live Tve Lists the foods that are essential to prevent or counteract heart or bone diseases that usually appear after the age of 40.


your health mentions that these nuts have antioxidant properties that combat the effects of free radicals that, as pointed out by the United States National Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus, deteriorate the body’s cells.

It is then that heamonds after regular consumption can reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones causing them to fracture. Women are more vulnerable to developing it, says the Mayo Clinic.

Almonds have fatty oils such as omega-3. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As they are composed of omega-3, they have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing bad cholesterol, fighting overweight and reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. He even mentions that they have the ability to regulate glucose in the bloodstream, preventing the appearance of other conditions such as diabetes.

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Also known as tomato The tomato is a fruit that is used as a vegetable and is composed of vitamins A, C, and K which acts as an anti-inflammatory, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis or myocardial infarction, says Tua Saúde.

The list is extensive when it comes to describing its properties, among which diuretics stand out, since that helps to counteract conditions such as the appearance of cancer due to its compound called lycopene which works as an antioxidant, which helps block free radicals. For his part, Knowing Live Tve ensures that it helps combat constipation and regulate blood pressure.

Tomato juice
Tomato is rich in antioxidants. – Photo: Getty Images

Therefore, excessive salt consumption should be avoided and replaced by the intake of other foods that give aroma and flavor such as pepper, garlic, among others.


The website points out that the consumption of probiotics, most of the time, is suggested when the intestinal flora is affectedeither due to stress, or perhaps, due to the effects of antibiotics, which is why they have the ability to combat diarrhea, since they are useful when it is caused by bacteria such as Bifidobacterium lactisor maybe the Salmonella.

The probiotics in yogurt help kill bacteria in your mouth. – Photo: Getty Images

In addition, it can counteract digestive diseases such as gastritis and stomach cancer, which are also caused by bacteria. Helicobacter pyloriYo. “Every year there are more than 85,000 new cases of stomach cancer and 65,000 deaths from this type of cancer in the Americas”says the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO.

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It also participates in the treatment of allergies because the intake of probiotics prevents the development of atopic dermatitis or asthma. However, consulting with a doctor is essential to include it in a treatment.

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