Falcao García would be a father for the fifth time; his wife would be pregnant

Radamel Falcao García is considered one of the most important soccer players in the history of Colombia, being the top scorer for the national team and the only coffee player to be in Fifa’s ideal eleven.

However, Samarium has not only been characterized as a great athlete on the field, but is also recognized as a family man. In addition, he has been married to Lorelei Tarón for more than 15 years.

Falcao has always been characterized as a family man. – Photo: Getty Images

The forward, in the same way, would be living a very special moment with his sentimental partner at present, since they would have a new member and would be parents for the fifth time.

“We knew first hand that the top scorer in the history of the country would be expecting a child with his partner, with whom he already has a large family”, specified the portal Kienyke.

According to the news, a source close to the family nucleus of the Rayó Vallecano attacker assured that the Argentine singer would be pregnant. He also indicated that Garcia’s fifth child would be another girl.

The footballer and his wife have not yet officially ruled on this issue. However, this medium indicated that the couple will make the announcement soon through social networks.

Falcao and Lorelei Tarón
The couple have been married for more than 15 years. – Photo: Instagram @falcao
Lorelei Tarón and Falcao when they were younger
Lorelei Tarón and Falcao met in Argentina. – Photo: @loreleitaron

“The García Tarón family, made up of Jedidiah, Dominique, Desirée and Annette García Tarón, would grow with the arrival of a new member. It was also revealed that she would be a girl,” she concluded.

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It should be remembered that the Colombian striker’s wife shared unfortunate news last September and confirmed that she had lost a baby at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Through the Instagram stories, the Argentine made a small dynamic and enabled the question box to interact with all her followers, who asked her if she wanted to have more children.

“This was our fifth baby, here he was 11 weeks old. Yes, we loved it very much, but it couldn’t be. We lost him a couple of months ago and it has been very hard for the whole family. God knows how he does his things ”, responded at the time.

Falcao and his wife enjoy Colombian music.  Photo: Instagram @falcao.
The Argentine confessed that last year they lost a baby. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @falcao.
Radamel Falcao and Lorelei Tarón talk about the loss of their baby
Tarón pointed out that it was one of the worst moments of his life. – Photo: Instagram account @falcao

Tarón also stated in the magazine Hello! that this loss left a great void in their lives, but he pointed out that thanks to his family he was able to move forward with love and calm.

“The moment when the doctor told us that there was no heartbeat was very hard, because it was the ultrasound in which we were going to know the sex of the baby. I think the most difficult thing about a miscarriage is undergoing surgery to leave a child,” Falcao’s couple initially explained.

Then, she added: “All women from the first moment we found out that we are going to be mothers, we have already become mothers. We think about what it’s going to be like and imagine life with a new baby. We have a little angel in heaven.”

Falcao and Lorelei with their four children.  Photo: Instagram @loreleitaron.
Falcao and Lorelei have four children. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @loreleitaron.
Falcao and Lorelei
The couple has not commented on Lorelei’s alleged pregnancy. – Photo: Taken from Instagram @falcao
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The Argentine reiterated at that time her intention to have another child, because the stage as parents has been enjoyed to the fullest. Finally, she thanked everyone who sent her a message of support.

It should be mentioned that Dominique and Annette were born in Monaco, while Desirée in England and Jedidiah in Turkey. The four children of the Tiger have Polish nationality.

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