Fans Compare ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ To The Harry Potter Movies; did the game crash?

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated video games of the year, as this installment comes with the promise of offering a highly immersive experience based on what a wizard’s apprentice could experience at the academy attended by Harry Potter.

Weeks before the launch of the game, Avalanche Software, the studio in charge of developing the title, began to release images and videos that showed how the architecture, corridors, classrooms, and buildings had been recreated in great detail. other elements present in the most popular wizarding school in the universe created by British author JK Rowling.

At the time, the developer revealed details about the exploration system in the open world offered by its game, exposing how iconic settings from the film saga were generated, such as the Room of Requirement. In addition, he exposed how the players will be able to execute the different spells that they will learn, in order to fight against trolls and other magicians.

Hogwarts Legacy recreates various spaces from the wizarding academy where Harry Potter studied. – Photo: Official Instagram of PlatStation

Now that the game is available to the millions of fans who have been captivated by the Harry Potter story, a group of fans has decided to capture several images of the title to make a comparison between the scenes of the game and the movies from the hit movie saga.

The video shared on YouTube captures some shots from the movies and sets them against scenes from the game’s cinematics, to show the extent to which the game developers faithfully recreated the gardens, facade, corridors, and other elements of the wizard academy.

Although Hogwarts Legacy shows very careful work in recreating the wizarding schoolthe video also shows that the closed rooms and spaces of Hogwarts have their own stamp and that they retain an appearance that does not match the scenes of the film.

It should be noted that as more players begin to share content on social networks about their experience with the new video game, various cybercriminals have also been generating different types of cyber scams to steal money from those who do not yet have the title and want to buy it at a lower price or for free.

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On the other hand, it is worth specifying the creators of Hogwarts Legacy They stated that in order to complete the main story of the game it will be necessary to dedicate more than 40 hours, a period of time that could be increased considerably if the player decides to carry out all the secondary activities and explore the open world that the title offers.

Hogwarts Legacy is the new video game based on the Harry Potter universe.
Hogwarts Legacy is the new video game based on the Harry Potter universe. – Photo: Official Instagram of PlatStation

Hogwarts Legacy fans are the target of cyber-scams

According to researchers from Kaspersky, a company specializing in cybersecurity, several cybercriminals are scamming several netizens with alleged offers to download a free version of the game for PC.

Experts indicate that they have detected several examples of sites that offer free downloads of a cracked version of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ for PCwhich supposedly can be used on any computer without having to make any payment to enable the installation of the title.

However, those who fall for the scam end up downloading a program that hides malicious programs (malware) with spyware capabilities, which can disrupt the operation of a victim’s computer while silently extracting stored personal information from the user.

Hogwarts Legacy is the new video game based on the Harry Potter universe.
Hogwarts Legacy is the new video game based on the Harry Potter universe. – Photo: Official Instagram of PlatStation

How to avoid falling for Hogwarts Legacy scams?

According to cybersecurity specialists, it is essential to take into account the following recommendations to expose computers to the actions of cybercriminals:

  • Always buy and download the games from official stores.
  • Use an antivirus to analyze each file of the games that are installed on the computer.
  • Keep the operating system and PC programs duly updated, in order to keep the defenses that protect the equipment solid.
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In this Hogwarts Legacy gameplay demo, the developer has shared how the protagonist can explore the world of Hogwarts, through which he can transport himself on both a broomstick and a hippogriff. Likewise, you can discover villages where you can interact with sorcerers that will give rise to missions, buy different models of brooms and other utensils to increase your inventory capacity and customize your character.

As the player moves through the open world, they will be able to face many experiences surrounded by the most varied landscapes, which also have different environments as the story unfolds, such as the entrance of winter, where the entire landscape changes with the snow.

Likewise, the ‘gameplay’ also closely shows the combat in this video game. To do this, he enters the Forbidden Forest, where special abilities are unlocked and he allows him to experiment with the depth of combat. In addition, the Dark Arts cosmetic set is shown, as well as the Thestral mount and the combat arena. After that, a real combat is reproduced in which the protagonist uses one of the unforgivable curses, ‘Avada Kedavra’.

Inside the Hogwarts castle, the user can also participate in multiple activities, as well as explore every corner. You can access different classrooms, interact with students and teachers, and access mythical settings such as the library, the main patio, the different rooms of each house or the Room of Requirement. However, these spaces are also customizable through item summons by the player or even by changing the architecture.

Likewise, a nursery has also been shown where animals from the saga such as a graphorn, a niffler, a kneazle and a mooncalf are found. If the player takes care of these animals by feeding them and playing with them, they get rewards that improve their equipment.

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