Fans of Millionaires staged a fight in Brazil with followers of Atlético Mineiro

Last Wednesday, March 15, Millonarios visited Brazilian soil to face Atlético Mineiro in a game valid for the second leg of the Copa Libertadores. To the misfortune of the ‘ambassador’ team, the victory could not be achieved, since they fell resoundingly 3-1, thus being left out of the contest.

The executioners of the blues were Paulinho on two occasions and the experienced Hulk, a player who scored a goal painting in the last minutes to seal the series.

Thanks to this defeat, Millonarios will now have to wait for the Copa Sudamericana draw, a tournament that served as consolation this season after the elimination.

Millionaires vs. Atletico Mineiro – Photo: AFP

However, beyond what happened on the pitch between the two teams, an unfortunate event occurred outside the stadium between fans of both teams.

In the videos that circulated on social networks, you can see a group of fans with shirts from the capital club confronting fans of the Brazilian team with stones, bottles and fists. Although the reason for which the fight started is not known, the confrontation managed to frighten several people who were in the place.

This is not the first time that Millonarios fans have carried out events of this similarity. A few days ago, a video of a confrontation with Nacional supporters on English soil also went viral.

According to the local press, The violent fight took place in the Usera neighborhood, located in the south of Madrid and in which there are a large number of Latinos, including Colombians.

The authorities confirmed that when they arrived at the scene of the brawl, those involved tried to flee and abandoned their bladed weapons, stones, and sticks in the streets, under the cars, and among the bushes; however, the agents managed to capture these so-called fans who were detained at the scene and in the surrounding streets.

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The detainees are between 20 and 41 years of age and the majority are Colombian nationals. Now, those involved will have to answer to the English authorities for the crime of tumultuous brawl. For now, they are at the judicial disposal and will have to wait for the pronouncement of the justice of that country to know the sentences that will be imposed on them.

Songs of the fans of Millonarios.
Songs of the fans of Millonarios. – Photo: Screenshot @Twitter Pablo Giraldo.

Millionaires settle for the South American

Despite the frustration over the elimination, the captain and reference of Millonarios, David Macalister Silva, asked the fans not to focus on the elimination, but to see the positive part of what was done, referring to the fact that the blue team will be able to being part of the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana, due to having been eliminated from the Libertadores in the last qualifying phase before the groups, when all the classified teams already enter to participate.

“I invite you to see what is achieved and not only what is let go, we returned to an international tournament, which is something we had been looking for,” said Macalister Silva in the middle of the press conference in Belo Horizonte, after the defeat and elimination against Atlético Mineiro from Brazil.

For the blue captain, it is important to recognize what those led by Alberto Gamero have done, since despite the fact that they again did not play the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, they managed to secure an international tournament, something that may allow them more economic gains and fight for a tournament that is much more accessible than the difficult Libertadores.

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The blues will be in pot four for the Copa Sudamericana group stage draw, so they could be in the Independiente Santa Fe or Deportes Tolima area, which are the other Colombian teams that will participate in “the other half of the glory”.

Daniel Cataño disputing a ball against Dodó.
Daniel Cataño disputing a ball against Dodó. – Photo: AFP

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