Five top games you can try for free on your new PS VR 2

Sony has already put its new PS VR 2 on the market for sale and the truth is that it has done so with a huge catalog of releases that we have available in the official store but, unfortunately, these fifty new titles contrast with a thunderous absence that has served as a complaint for all users who have bought the new hardware: no demo disc comes as it did in the first generation.

Mondas and lirondas glasses

Indeed, what is most surprising when we open the box of the new PS VR 2 is that it has just enough: the viewfinder with its USB-C cable, the two new controllers and a cardboard box with the headphones, the charging cables for the motion controls and a small documentation. There is nothing else. Not a disc with demos or specially designed experiences to test virtual reality or a code to download anything from the store of the Japanese.

This austerity contrasts with what was seen in that first generation of 2016, when all PS VR brought a disc with some experiences and demos to experiment for a few hours or days. So if you have been surprised to see that your glasses are orphaned by software, here are five titles that you can try right now, for free: you just have to download them from the PlayStation Store at no charge.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

The famous Sony franchise arrives for VR and does so with a first-person game in which we play the role of a Dark Carja. The demo It shows you the first steps, enough to feel virtual reality and the enormous immersive results it can achieve. Try downloading it from PlayStation Store.

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Resident Evil Village

if you don’t have Resident Evil Village bought in one of its versions, then you will have to settle for this demo that lets you explore a small part of the game, but enough to feel a deep terror thanks to virtual reality. In case you have this title in your library already acquired, remember that the update for PS VR 2 is completely free.

Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Oculus’ original game for its Meta Quest (and other models) comes to PS VR 2 with an approach as fun as it is spectacular, because it puts you fully into the universe of Star Wars as you could rarely imagine. In the demo you will feel that you are inside the movies or that you just went on a trip to that Galaxy’s Edge of the Disney parks in the USA.

Song in the Smoke

This game takes us through a wild world in which we have to make our way in any way, using bows, arrows, sticks or whatever it takes. Survival is everything, although we will also experience some magical moments thanks to the shamans of our tribe. The demo offers you a quick and simple experience that will surely end up hooking you.

Cosmonious High

And for the end we leave this Cosmonious High that It is the most casual of all, with small tests and frantic characters who need a helping hand. A short demo, but it gives you an idea of ​​everything we can expect from a development like this. Curious, especially when we use PS VR 2.

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