For this reason, important files should not be stored on a USB flash drive.

USB memories are still the device that many people choose to store all kinds of information. However, this practice can lead to some risks, such as file corruption or broken memory.

The portal Publicalso reveals a series of risks when saving this type of file and they are the following:

security risk

This is one of the most frequent problems when using this device, since the files that are downloaded from other devices or from some web pages can be a center for viruses or malware, which can damage the stored documents. The computer can also be affected.

Pen drive. – Photo: Getty Images

To avoid this setback, it is recommended to pass the files through an antivirus. In addition, the computer’s operating system and firewall must be kept up to date.

loss or theft

It is very common that being so small, the loss of this device is very common, as well as its respective theft, reason for which the respective keys must be hung at one of its ends. It is also recommended to keep the memory in the same place in the house or workplace.

risk of harm

The USB always runs the risk of breaking down and therefore damaging the files. The methods that may damage the device is falling on the ground or not treated with care or being exposed to high temperatures. However, there is the possibility of going to an expert to try to recover the files.

Dissemination of sensitive information

Users should keep in mind that they should not save images or sensitive documentation, since if they become a victim of theft, said information can be filtered to the point of receiving blackmail. In the case of handling this type of information, it is best to have several memories or a hard drive.

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What are the USB ports behind TVs for?

Currently, there are several households that have one or two smart TVs, especially those that have an Android operating system, since they incorporate various applications, customization methods, and external tools, such as the USB port.

Nevertheless, There are many users who do not know all the purposes of this tool and they are the following:

firmware updates

Smart TV manufacturers are constantly releasing firmware updates, which can be downloaded and updated via a USB port on some models.

USB port.
USB port. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Media playback

According to the portal The Republic of Peru, one of the functions of the USB port is the reproduction of multimedia contentsuch as photos, videos or music, which must be stored on a memory or hard drive.

program recording

Different Smart TV models allow you to record television programs directly on an external storage device connected through the USB port.

charge electronic devices

The aforementioned portal ensures that smart televisions allow charging all types of devices, that is, cell phones or tablets through this port.

However, these types of televisions are not exempt from errors, which is why the portal Xataka Android reveals the most common failures and the best ways to solve them.


Like any other Smart TV, a WiFi connection is needed, which is why problems can be experienced due to different situations; however, there are several solutions.

What should be done is to check the status of the network. Enter the ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Network and Internet’ section. Immediately afterwards, click on ‘Network detection’ to search for the respective fault.

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slow apps

At some point, users may enter an application that may be slow; but to solve it, you must enter the ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Applications’ option. There, you must click on ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache’ and then log in again.

Android TV interface GOOGLE 12/1/2021
android tv
– Photo: GOOGLE

If it does not work, it is recommended to uninstall and install the application, something that can be done directly on the same screen or from the Play Store.

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