Gears of War 4 was close to being a first-person shooter before the sale to Microsoft

The gears of war series it could have taken a completely different course had it remained in the hands of Epic Games. Cliff Bleszinski, chief designer and one of the top managers of the saga at that time, has confessed that he had a groundbreaking idea for the fourth installment: change perspective.

“Yes, I can say that I considered taking him to the first person”, shares the creative during an interview with the XboxEra podcast. “Can you imagine sawing a Locust in first person?”

Gears of War 4


Gears of War 4

In addition to sharing that creative idea, Bleszinski explained that when Microsoft bought the saga they already had in mind what would be the perspective to follow: return the tone of terror that could be seen in the original. “That was one of Phil Spencer’s main keys when Microsoft bought the brand. When he spoke to Rod Ferguson he said ‘let’s go back to terror’”.

Gears 5, the last stop in the saga… for now

We need to go back to September 2019 to see the latest installment of the main branch. Gears 5 arrived proposing new pillars in the formula, such as the open world structure in some sections of the campaign. “The Coalition offers glimpses of the talent it possesses, with the first two acts of the campaign mode standing among the highest ranks in franchise history.”

Of course, not everything is positive: “the efforts both at the narrative and playable levels are thrown overboard in the final stretch, where the courage of the first bars dissipates to return to being conservative. Evolution from tradition, but it remains to find a real purpose to the open world, which does not serve only as a vehicle for the classic sections”. The campaign is just one of the spearheads of the multiple aspects of the game: horde 4.0, Escape, the traditional competitive multiplayer… It’s too much.

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