Gladiator 2: Denzel Washington Joins Sequel To Ridley Scott’s Blockbuster

Denzel Washington is in the final stages of negotiating its role to Gladiators 2sequel to the successful 2000 film directed by Ridley Scott. Several details about this agreement have emerged in the Anglo-Saxon media. In this news we tell you what is known about it:

Denzel Washington reunites with Ridley Scott for his role in Gladiator 2

According to Deadline, Denzel Washington is collaborating with Ridley Scott again after the success of American Gangster (2007); Washington will have a role in Gladiator 2 and the talks in this regard are close to their final phase. Paul Mescal will co-star in the Gladiator sequel alongside Denzel Washington, and Ridley Scott will also direct this second part.

Paul Mescal



The first film was a co-production between Universal and DreamWorks, and while DreamWorks will not be involved in the sequel, Universal has the right to co-produce again when the project is packaged with others.

Once they landed Paul Mescal, director Ridley Scott, Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Brian Robbins, and co-chairmen Daria Cercek and Michael Ireland they pushed hard to have a star in the other leading role, reason why they wanted Denzel Washington, winner of two Oscars. According to sources close to the project, Washington accepted the role after reading the script.something that would speak well of this sequel considering that the actor has a certain reputation for not signing up for any project.

Denzel Washington


Denzel WashingtonMIKE NELSONEFE

After a meeting between Denzel Washington and Ridley Scott, the actor agreed to join the project. This second part is a sequel to Gladiator (2000), a film that grossed more than 640 million dollars at the box office worldwide and was nominated for twelve Oscars, winning five of them, including Best Picture. Paul Mescal plays lucius, Lucilla’s son, now an adult, several years after the end of the first. Lucius is also the nephew of the Emperor Commodus, son of Marcus Aurelius, played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Washington has always been quite close not only to Ridley Scott, but to the Scott family in general.since he starred in several of the films of the late Tony Scott such as red tide (1995) or The fire of revenge (2004). The first collaboration between Denzel Washington and Ridley Scott was in American Gangster (2007), a film in which he, curiously, also participated Russell Crowewho starred in Gladiator as Máximo Décimo Meridio.

Source: Deadline

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