Google launches an API to integrate PaLM, the AI ​​competition of GPT-3, in any app

The new AI functions available soon in Gmail and other Google products is not the only novelty that the Mountain View firm has announced to deal with OpenAI products. The company has also announced the availability of the PaLM API.its powerful —and controversial— language model, with the aim that any developer can include it in their applications.

Google says that the PaLM API will allow that more applications and services integrate chatbot functions powered by artificial intelligencehe. It is, of course, a clear response to the recently announced OpenAI API, which also allows developers to add, in this case, ChatGPT or GPT-4 technology, into their products. For now, the PaLM API will be available in a more “efficient” format and therefore with more limited capabilities. Google, however, ensures that a larger version of the AI ​​can be used later.

Along with the PaLM API, the Sundar Pichai-led firm has announced MakerSuitea tool with which developers will be able to create “idea prototypes” to include AI-powered features. In the future, MakerSuite will be updated with “features for rapid engineering, synthetic data generation, and custom model fitting,” Google says.

“Developers and businesses can now test drive new APIs and products that make it easy, secure, and scalable to start building with Google’s best AI models through Google Cloud and a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite.”

Google bets on AI in Google Cloud and services like Gmail or Google Docs

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In parallel, Google has updated AI Vertex, its platform designed for companies to create machine learning models, with support for generative AI. Those companies that use it, therefore, will have access to AIs that allow them to create text, images and, in the future, audio and video.

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Google has also announced Generative AI App Buildera tool for both companies and governments to create “their own AI-powered chat interfaces and digital assistants.”

All of these new features, we reiterate, have been announced alongside important AI-powered features for some of Google’s publicly available products. Among them, Gmail. Soon, it will be possible to obtain a email summary and the AI ​​of the company will be able to generate personalized responses. In Google Docs, AI can be used to correct or even rewrite text. And in other products, such as Google Slides (or Google Presentations), the user will be able to generate images from scratch for their slides.

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